Flood in Pakistan: Pakistan burnt with water…

Nature is wreaking havoc in Pakistan these days. The flood has caused havoc. Water is writing destruction everywhere. 1,350 people have died in the sky disaster. About a third of Pakistan has been submerged. Millions of people have been left homeless. Meanwhile, the lives of those children born in this crisis have also been put in danger. Amidst the pain of being homeless due to rain, floods, while some mothers are worried about their newborn children, people in those families whose wives are pregnant are also worried. The World Health Organization (WHO) also says the health system in Pakistan’s Sindh province has collapsed. Amid the floods, the health of babies is at risk, while tension is also rising over the health of pregnant women.

According to a CNN report, a woman resident of Khairpur Nathan Shah in Sindh said that on August 14, the same day her daughter was born, it was raining heavily. On the one hand there was an atmosphere of happiness, while on the other there was concern to save lives. The house was destroyed by the flood. Where will you live now, this thought was eating away at me. With great difficulty he collected the sheets and some furniture. And he saved lives by building a makeshift camp. This pain is not just one woman’s but thousands of mothers in Pakistan are worried about their babies.

In this way, people trapped in floods are being rescued (Photo-AP)

The mother of a 26-day-old girl knows very well that a piece of land in the middle of flood waters is not a suitable place for her daughter. She says there is nothing in the relief camp. There are 8 people in the family. We are completely helpless. What happened if life was saved from the flood, here too there is danger at every moment. There is a fear of snakes. The health is bad, there is an infection in the throat, but the compulsion is that you can’t even buy medicine.

Health services paralyzed by floods

According to the report, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that women and children have been unexpectedly affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan. Dr. Palita Gunaratna Mahipal, the WHO representative in Pakistan, said the country’s health services had been paralyzed by the floods. About 10% of the health institutions have been destroyed. But the biggest concern is the 12 lakh pregnant women living in temporary camps built due to the floods these days.

Floods have destroyed homes in Sindh province (Photo-AP)

danger of epidemic amid floods

These days thousands of people live in relief camps in Pakistan. They are forced to live with the help of the ration provided by the aid workers, even if there is no choice, there is some choice. There is only one expectation that if the flood water recedes in any way, the house would have to be tested again. Meanwhile, the risk of malaria has begun to rise. Because of the filth around, mosquitoes have made life difficult. Because of this, patients with fever and flu are increasing. People are now worried that the epidemic will not spread. At the same time, the WHO has said that around 6,300 people live in relief camps. This number may increase. These days the chart of patients with typhoid fever, skin disease and respiratory disease is also increasing. We are afraid that the situation will become uncontrollable. Because the situation in Sindh province remains terrifying. If the situation worsens, it is difficult to say anything.

Mosquitoes increase the tension due to dirt

According to media reports, women living in relief camps say we don’t even have mosquito nets. I have told the aid workers many times, but so far the mosquito net has not been received. In this situation, the concern of babies increases. Let no disease take them into their hands. Because mosquitoes and flies keep hovering around children.

People in distress are trying to save lives (Photo-AP)

It just passes this time somehow

Another woman living in the relief camp said that we have never seen such a terrible flood in Pakistan. Life is in danger. The children are worried. Let your kids supervise after the sun goes down. The house has been destroyed, but now we think that somehow our lives and the lives of the children can be saved. Because the children are too young. They also ignore these conditions. This is a very bad period. It’s useless to cry about it, only that somehow this phase should pass.

70 thousand women died in the disaster

According to local media in Pakistan, next month, more than 70,000 women will have to give birth without proper medical help. Because the health facilities have been badly affected by the floods. At the same time, in the midst of a natural disaster, concern for health services increases. Because after such a disaster, the biggest fear is water-borne diseases. Reports of cholera and dengue are continuously being received from Sindh province. In the coming days, the situation may become very dangerous. Because as long as there is water from the flood, it is home to disease. At the same time, now the big challenge of the Sindh province is the lack of food and the destruction of crops. Because when the harvest was ready, the rain ruined everything. In this situation, farmers are also buried under the burden of debt.

Several areas of Pakistan have been submerged by floods (Photo-AP)

The ruins of Mohenjodaro were also affected

According to the AP news agency, a 4,500-year-old archaeological site has also been damaged by the rain. The ruins of Mohenjodaro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in southern Sindh province near the Indus River, have also been affected by the rains. Site commissioner Ahsan Abbasi said the floods may not have caused much damage to Mohenjodaro, but to the ruins of the ancient city. Many large walls, which are about 5,000 years old, have collapsed this time due to the rain. Although the floods have engulfed the whole of Pakistan, the province of Sindh has been the worst affected.

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