Long Poem by Vishnu Khare – In every city there is a dishonored woman

When Vishnu Khare was appointed Vice-President of Hindi Academy Delhi, he got a chance to know him closely. Vishnu Khare, quiet, serious but mild-mannered, was a poet, translator, man of letters, journalist, screenwriter and film critic. Although he could stay in the Hindi Academy for a short time, but even during that time he took many important decisions for the promotion of Hindi.

Vishnu Khare’s major works include famous British poet TS Elliot’s translation of ‘Marupadesh and Other Poems’ (1960), ‘Poems of Vishnu Khare’, Khud Apni Aankh Se (1978), Sabki Awaaz Ke Pardne Mein (1994 ), Pichha Baaki (1998). ) and Between Periods and Periods (2003). Here is a long poem of his- There’s a bad woman in every town

no one can say exactly about him
she was a virgin
Or when and who did he marry?
and her so-called husband
or when and where he left it
And now with whom he lives or not
who exactly is that
If he had children, also with them
status remains uncertain

There’s a bad woman in every city

No, she doesn’t fall for that kind of infamous women
otherwise it wouldn’t have been so noticeable
She is often polite and relatively open
live something like your own residence or flat
It does any government, semi-government or private work
In which they range from beauty salon, dance-music, school, radio-TV, NGO
anything can be political
It goes without saying that she is pretty or seductive enough
Or was but no less desirable now.

Although the truth is that for what it really is
Words like beautiful or beautiful are insufficient
sexy sensual sensual sex
all adjectives like sexy voluptuous man-eating tigress in bed
proves to be insufficient for
It is often called by these names
which cannot be done in public
But of course it’s like wizards and witches
rather more deadly and mysterious than
she is like a different woman
Seeing it simultaneously creates hypnosis and terror.

He is a legend as a legend
that a whole city builds and revises
Everyone officially knows who she was engaged to
or who had hung up
Everyone knows who’s running it these days
Many even look at each other together and even make them shanakht.
look, look, they’ve taken care of it
this is his offspring
Naturally, this information is the most authentic.
Those middle-aged or elderly housewives of the world have it
The ones who call all other young women daughter, sister, sister-in-law
Just call this infamous woman of the town by her name
And that too
And if he had a son, he would never become his maternal uncle, grandfather or maternal uncle.

Many people often talk about this infamous woman
himself many people often talk or want to talk to him
so many people want to know so much about their ex or current lovers
so many people want to be seen by chance with him
He is called to so many places with fervor and expectation
that the conclusion is inevitable that its existence and existence
they are bound to fill a strange void
The charming nightmare of women who are not defamed
And the disorder of those men’s dreams is that infamous woman
who sees his wives sleeping with him
curse them and curse yourself
I wonder why I could ever be here
think of the supposed lovers of his success
that only such a cheap woman would be able to accept so many handsome people
Then he thinks everyone is lying
Such a modern woman does not even allow such a hand to hold her
Between apprehension and tranquility, they look at their sleeping wives.
Rolled up by their virtues they are free from obstacles.

the study will reveal
That these infamous city women don’t get very far
There is only movement among the lower and middle classes.
They don’t get a lot of money and they don’t get a lot of time.
They only last for medium salons, parties, celebrations and achievements.
reach because in higher circles
Women who have a raisai are very inferior and loved by them.

To a woman so dishonored at different times
with whom it is explained to them
Was she really in love with him and was she in love with him?
they took advantage of it
Or was he at the same loss?
which, as considered under a certain romanticism,
Are you looking for a perfect relationship with him?
or that she naturally needs a new man every six months
or is driven by these impulses in its formation
That she doesn’t even understand?

It cannot be said
No one ever had intimate interviews with such a woman
it has not been studied psychologically
And he still hasn’t said anything about himself.
He is often heard laughing
But never seen cry.

It can’t be that infamous woman
Little by little you don’t realize your powers
And how much people hate him
But how passionately they want all this
which he allegedly gave to a few
The dishonored woman will know where she is going
It makes your environment permanent but how much it changes
Sometimes public or private would be an insult to him
maybe he looks down on someone
running the risk of being called a fawn
At home and at the office, he must have received disgusting and scary calls
she must have been addicted to obscene lyrics
At night, the ropes would have tightened in front of his porch.
The window panes would be broken by the stones
Although he went to present a report
So every person in uniform would be smiling looking at him.

women who are not infamous
What do you think of this infamous friend?
Men seldom know this right
Because women often say the same thing to men
what they want to hear
But women never seem to
you don’t hate men as much as she can
And of course they can’t even hate such infamous women.
What men can do to him or women in general
If getting a new wife every now and then is the extreme fantasy of most men
So why shouldn’t the infamous woman think so too?
that even the association of several men separately or in the same waqf
A pastime is a game
And who can say that it only loses
There may be differences of opinion among women on this.
But if the man can use the woman
So why shouldn’t the woman use it in return?
And the last one
that if a man needs a new body every two days
So woman is infamous
If so, how could it not be his right?

such a disgraced woman in the city
If it was really scary and sad
so maybe imagine that moment
When one day he will know or see his son’s insult
or you find that it has suddenly changed
She will read sadness and sadness in his eyes
He will see his bright face suddenly dimmed
he will understand that all good and evil have been known of him
she probably won’t pay any attention to him
He will only wait for the heart made of his own womb to let him know
And even if it hasn’t happened
So she won’t ask for mercy or understanding
He will give up everyone, he will not give up your impassable loneliness
That infamous woman of the city.

This woman’s narratives are far more ubiquitous than his.
when he leaves town
And with whom why he does not know
However, it is said to be seen singly or in pairs.
of the body of such a woman
There is never any news of normal or unusual expiration.
Sometimes a crowd suddenly crosses an unfamiliar railway station or road
Or alone in the afternoon market, she really seems like her own soul
Despite his age, his big eyes are more than his strength.
I still have a chill
His eyes don’t seem to recognize anyone
and sees something through people and things
Perhaps she seeks or imagines this form of her own
One who does not know where and who has merged with the autonomous avatar.
Perhaps becoming the next infamous woman in the same city or another!

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