Friendship with a girl, suspicion of robbery… Slight motives that led to murders in Delhi

New Delhi: In Kotwali area, one killed another youth by stabbing him for friendship with a girl. The deceased has been identified as Ajay, while the accused has been identified as Nazim. Accused Nazim fled the spot after the incident. Police kept the body at the hospital mortuary for post-mortem. Police registered a case of murder and arrested accused Nazim. According to the police, Vijay alias Raju is a resident of Azamgarh district, UP. He said that his friend Ajay alias Nitesh lives in Hanuman Mandir, Jamuna Bazar. He works. Ajay reached near Tikona park where Ajay had an argument with Nazim two days ago. Nazim also threatened to see Ajay.

Nazim found Ajay around 9 pm on Friday near Subhash Marg, Angoori Bagh. Angoori took him inside the garden and stabbed him to death there. Nazim fled from there after stabbing him. The police arrested the accused. According to the police, during the interrogation of Nazim, it was said that he and Ajay had a dispute over friendship with a girl. DCP North Sagar Singh Kalsi confirmed the matter. He said the incident took place on the night of September 8. There was a fight between the two youths near Subhash Marg. The police sent the body of the deceased for post-mortem and after investigation, arrested Nazim. More actions are being taken.

Young man beaten to death on suspicion of robbery
The dead body of a youth was found under suspicious circumstances in Sarai Rohilla area on Saturday morning. It is said that the young man was beaten to death on suspicion of robbery. The Sarai Rohilla police took the youth to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. The police have sent the body to the mortuary for an autopsy. The police are investigating after registering a case. According to the police officer, the deceased has been identified as 19-year-old Izhar. He lived in the Wali Masjid tent in the Shahzada Bagh area. Wounds were found on the body. Preliminary investigation revealed that a factory located on Old Rohtak Road, Shahzada Bagh, was seized by the staff present there on suspicion of theft around 4 am on Saturday. It is said that he was severely beaten, which led to his death. Police are taking further action in this case.

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A young man shot for resisting the robbery
In the Hari Nagar police station area, a youth was shot for opposing the robbery. The incident was carried out on Friday night by three criminals, who were riding bicycles. The injured youths were with their female friend on the bike and were going to their home in Tilak Nagar area after having dinner with friends. The incident then happened near Hari Nagar bus depot. The police are looking for the three thieves.

West Delhi Police said the name of the injured youth is Mandeep Singh (28) and he lives in Tilak Nagar area. He worked in a pharmaceutical company until a few days ago. He is currently trying to work at another company. The incident happened around 11pm on Friday night. When he was cycling home after dinner with his friends. He also had a friend on his bike with him. Near the Hari Nagar bus stand, three miscreants on bicycles came at him from behind. He tried to steal them. Mandeep opposed it. Meanwhile, the miscreants were ahead of them. Mandeep put his bike behind the miscreants. Seeing himself surrounded, one of the three miscreants opened fire on him, which entered Mandeep’s waist. He has been admitted to hospital, where his condition is said to be stable. The police are trying to identify the absconding criminals from the footage of CCTV cameras installed nearby. The police have some leads in this regard. Police say the criminals are expected to be caught soon. West Delhi DCP Ghanshyam Bansal says the chain was not looted in the incident.

Neighbors confronted each other over suspicion, one attacked with a knife
While the kitchen repair work was being done, sand was kept on the road to the house. Invoiced MCD. A neighbor was suspected of making a complaint. We discussed it with other neighbors. When the neighbor found out about this, he came to the shop to fight. He is said to have attacked with a knife during the assault. The victim had to be admitted to the hospital in an injured state. The police have started the investigation by registering a case.

Asif (24) lives with his family north of Ghonda. He runs a bakery on the ground floor of the house. He told the police that around 1:30 pm on Friday, neighbor Nizamuddin came to his shop and started abusing him. He started accusing him of defaming the locality as a suspected complaint to MCD. During this time Nizamuddin’s brother Aziz also came. The two brothers are said to have beaten them fiercely, knocking them down on the road. When he tried to escape, Nizamuddin attacked him with a knife. When he reported himself to the police, he fled after threatening to kill him.

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Threatens to throw acid if not in a relationship
In North East Delhi’s Harsh Vihar area, a boy started forcibly pressuring him to have a relationship with a 17-year-old. If not, the accused threatened to throw acid. The victim reported to the police. Based on this, a case was registered at the Harsh Vihar police station. The police are investigating the whole case.

The 17-year-old minor lives in the Mandoli area with his family. She told the police that when she goes to school or registration, she is followed by a boy who lives in the locality. He also makes dirty gestures. It forces you into the relationship. Now he threatens that if she does not enter into a relationship with him, he will throw acid. The girl victim told her relatives, who informed the police about the whole incident. After that, the police investigate after registering a case.

Stalker made life difficult for the woman
A stalker is harassing a woman with constant phone calls and messages. Block a number and then the accused starts calling from another number. A case has been registered in this case at Geeta Colony Police Station in Shahdara District. The police are currently looking for the accused. The woman claims that the accused also called her from the police station number, which gives her the name Vivaan Rajvanshi. He also threatens to kill the woman and calls her husband as well. When the woman blocks a number, the accused starts calling from another number.

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