Jandhara Media Group’s Suruchi Mishra Dhanerwal had a special conversation with psychiatrist Dr Bhushan Shukla about good touch and bad touch

Raipur| (Good touch and bad touch) Parents should try hard in dealing with children and to save them from bad habits, bad company. Parents also have trouble understanding the mindset of their children. The easy way to overcome all these problems has been explained by the well-known child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Bhushan Shukla who has also featured in Amir Khan’s famous TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. However, when the Satyamev Jayate team called Dr. Shukla, they considered it a fake call and said if you are talking from Aamir Khan’s place, I am also talking from Rashtrapati Bhavan. After that the team sent her an official email, then she joined the show and explained in detail the problems the girl is facing and the childish and adolescent attitude and also suggested ways to avoid it Dr. Bhushan Shukla, who arrived in the capital Raipur, came to Jandhara Media House and shared his experience related to child and adolescent psychiatry. Here are some excerpts from their discussion:

Tell us about the journey you started 23 years ago?

(Good Touch and Bad Touch) Answer- When I was doing MD, from 1996 to 1999, I was in the government hospital while examining the patients, many people used to come. So many times, seeing the condition of patients, it seemed that if this man had received help during childhood, perhaps his condition would not be like this today. So this incident inspired me to work for children. After that I trained.

What would you like to say in this new era of parenting, especially during the times of COVID-19 when many parents faced difficulties?

down- This is a big problem for parents because not only did they spend more time with the children but they also spent more time with each other. In many families, you have probably never spent so much time together in your life. Therefore, it happens that when you spend a lot of time or have to live with someone, then you act, then you have seen the test of many families, many times relationships change and many people have done well. Through this method, the depth of your relationship has increased.

Children were not going to school, children were not going to play, houses were closed, schools had opened, there were many young children who were not in kindergarten, KG One and KG Two, and now they have to sit in big classes. He suffered a lot during the pandemic. Because of this, they feel a different tension around them and the class teachers themselves are also understanding it. How can we offer help?

answer- The children have been out of school for two and a half years and have a lot of freedom, because of the online process in schools, they never felt the stress that a child often goes to school in everyday life. Because of the corona epidemic, everything was going online, so they were getting so much freedom. Where you see the corona epidemic ending, the children themselves have to face reality, going to school every morning and embracing the changing things around them, because of which children they face many problems. In every class there are two or three children who are now afraid of the name of the school and have been frightened by it. I think in India we always talk about the idea of ​​community. Therefore, it would be very good to counsel each child separately and if peers help each other and explain to them, this problem can end without any medication. Community action is all that is needed for this. (good touch and bad touch)

It has been seen many times that there is counseling at school, it doesn’t even happen. And the teacher says that the child’s performance is weak, how should he work at that time?

answer- I think it’s wrong to state or level the current problem at children. Whenever we talk about children, it is more important to know what the child’s difficulties are or how they got to this point. Parents and teachers should not talk about their weaknesses in front of the child. Very often it happens that teachers and parents are sitting in the PTM and the child is also sitting, but his mind feels as if he is standing in the dock. And he is guilty. He has committed these crimes, so what should be the punishment now? So what is the difficulty for children and why do they not act? It would be more beneficial if there was a debate about this.

Which is a new kind of parenting and a new kind of school, the morning routine is said to stop because if the parents are working, then day boarding begins, then 24 hours the child is home on medication, many times there is a big school There are many modern schools in which children are told about good touch, bad touch, but there are many that are general category, if it is not explained, what should do for them?

answer- It has become a very common thing these days for children to experience bed touch. Government figures show that more than 50 percent of children have experienced contact sitting in their lives, their preventive measure is that if children are kept at home with only one person, it is not much saving. Nowadays it has become a fashion that many people hire nannies and give them the responsibility of taking care of their children, so it is not safe at all in my opinion, it is better for the children to stay in the day care because it has to be 8 to 10. more children also live because they are safer with others. Also, the great advantage of children is that children are socialized because of this, the child who lives alone at home is still a Rajput. They start giving orders to their caregiver, so their mindset changes as well. So to keep the children safe and to keep the children socialized it is more appropriate to keep them in a group, in all these children learn a lot.

Whenever the subject of good touch, bad touch comes up, it is ultimately revealed that it is someone close to you who is involved in all of this, so how can parents tell their children that these are your limitations?

answer- This is a very important question, how do we tell children how to cross the road, how to save themselves with fire, just as it is safety training. The first is that what is said about good touch, bad touch is incorrect. It should just be a matter of bad tact. Those who torture children, start atrocities only with good touch. This is why children confuse good touch with bad touch. The important thing is that children are told that there are some parts of the body that no one can touch except your parents. If someone touches these places, then if you don’t speak loudly, that person gets scared. And run away and tell someone you think is safe. We say no, go, say.

Suicide attempts are being observed in Chhattisgarh, every month 8-10 cases are coming to the state and almost all of them are small children, how can we save children from all these situations?

answer- What he has talked about his suicide is a big problem for India. Perhaps many people do not know that India is becoming a capital of suicide, the number of India in this case we are at number five among the top 10 in the world. Suicide has become one of the main causes of death among our young people aged 15 to 29. The young generation is dying by suicide, here more than 2 thousand people commit suicide every year. This is a symptom of mental illness. This doesn’t happen suddenly either. For a long time, children feel this mental pressure and then, when they cannot bear it, they commit suicide. I think that as a society we need to take care of ourselves more. When a man begins to separate himself from society, he begins to separate himself from society, then he confines himself to his own circle, then we can call him for tea and talk to him, ask him about his problems . With this we can save them from suicide.

There are many such people who used to go to the office, but now the work is gone, they also have mental health problems, take sleeping pills at night, take a lot of medicine… they are isolated from people alone but these people still do not receive medical assistance How can we help in this case?

answer- Many people believe that when you go to a psychologist, they will give you medication. This is not true. Most people will get rid of mental stress through counseling alone. No one will give you a tablet. The biggest fear in people’s minds is that the tablet will be powered, we will become addicted to it. All this happened in the medicines of 50-60 years ago. Now the time has changed. With modern means we can do it without any side effects.

Everyone is facing anxiety since Kovid-19, what would you suggest for this, so that one can get out of anxiety?

answer- All this clinical level of anxiety means that your anxiety has not become a disease, this is just your fear, so you exercise to eliminate stress, take deep breaths with friends, you should also continue to things you want too. Above all you have to sleep, if the sleep is good, your mind will be calm. (good touch and bad touch)

Tell us something about Aamir Khan taking your concept wrong in Satyamev Jayate?

answer- I was working on Bad Touch and No Bad Touch for a long time, so a friend of mine said to that brother, how long are you going to keep telling these people by yourself? Why don’t you make a video of it and put it on YouTube? So I helped friends, Mitya Kabra took a lot of interest and organized all the things and made a video and put it on YouTube and within a few weeks it went up to two lakhs and one day I got a call and he said that he is Aamir Khan’s production Talking from here, I thought someone was making a prank call, so I said if you are talking from Aamir Khan’s place, I am talking from Rashtrapati Bhavan. So he said no sir let’s be serious. So I said if this is the case you can send your official mail to my email. And the mail arrived in 5 minutes. Then we got to the studio with the kids and there we met Aamir Khan and that episode was shot.

What was the advantage of releasing the Satyamev Jayate episode? (good touch and bad touch)

answer- If a familiar face like Aamir Khan raises such important issues on big television, then it has a huge impact on the society. The director used to say Dr. Shukla what are you saying? This is not the case in our culture. Our children are all happy. When this thing was teased on national television, people’s eyes opened. The execution of this episode in Satyamev Jayate has created a lot of awareness in the society. After 2 years the POSCO Law also arrived.

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