Rajasthani girls undergo dangerous surgery for fear of marriage breakup Rajasthani girls undergo dangerous surgery for fear of marriage breakup

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Jaipur MBA student Natasha (name changed) is getting married in January next year. The future husband works in a multinational company in Great Britain. Natasha is happy about the marriage, but there is also fear… Somewhere like her best friend Priyanka (name changed), her husband will not leave her out of character on the first night of marriage.

Because like Priyanka, her NRI in-laws also put only one condition while deciding the relationship: we want the bride to be a virgin.

This fear is not just Natasha’s but hundreds of girls’. Whether the groom is from Bhilwara or Britain. Because of this fear, to pass the virginity test, girls in Rajasthan are even undergoing the dangerous hymen surgery, so that they can prove they are ‘virgins’. Doctors receive 15 to 20 cases every month.

This surgery is so risky that a girl went into a coma, but the trend of the surgery increases rapidly, because she knows that this surgery will give her a certificate of character.

Bhaskar’s reporter went to the doctor’s cabin for 10 days and understood the pain and fear of these daughters. Read the full report…

First understand these three cases… how virginity has become ‘certificate of character’ for girls

Case-1: First condition of NRI groom: Girl must be virgin, Indian culture
Nikita’s (name changed) family living in Jaipur was looking for a match for their marriage. During this, there was talk of a relationship with a guy who lived in America. The boy used to work in a big position in an American bank.

Her family said that marriages with foreign girls don’t last long, so they want a girl of Indian culture, but meanwhile the guy puts two conditions. The girl should not have an affair with anyone, the girl should be a virgin. This surprised the girl’s family, but seeing the good relationship, everyone kept quiet. After the taste, the date of the marriage was fixed.

One day he explained his problem to a friend. Then, after searching about virginity on the internet, I learned about hymenoplasty surgery. Talking to a private hospital, it was found that the surgery would be done in just half an hour and its cost would be around 20-30 thousand rupees. Without informing the relatives, Nikita arrived at the hospital with her friend and underwent the surgery.

Case 2: Relationship with Australia, parents had surgery
A relationship came from Australia for 26-year-old Aarti (name changed). The boy worked in a software company. His parents wanted the son to marry an Indian girl from their society. Originally from Rajasthan but family settled in Australia.

The NRI family, who were looking for a bride for their son, asked their relatives living in Rajasthan to see the girl, but they had three conditions to please her. The girl should not have an affair, she should be a virgin and she should be educated. This relationship came for Aarti through the same relative.

When the relationship was fixed, she was afraid that if her husband knew about her virginity after marriage, the marriage would not break up. In this situation, Aarti’s parents took her to a private hospital, where she underwent hymenoplasty surgery.

Case-3: A female doctor operated before marriage on the royal family
A doctor in Jaipur told us that about 4 years ago a Nigerian girl came to him for hymenoplasty surgery. She was studying MBBS in Jaipur itself. She was to marry into a Nigerian royal family.

It was the custom there that in the Royal Family only a virgin used to marry a girl. Before getting married, her fiance wanted to meet her. He wanted to find out if the girl was a virgin or not. The Nigerian girl underwent surgery before meeting her fiance.

In small towns, parents are having child surgery
Recently, people from all walks of life are learning about this surgery through the internet and social media. In small towns, many girls don’t get married after the news spreads. In this situation, girls from small towns like Sikar, Bhilwara, Bikaner, Churu, Dausa, Jhunjhunu around Jaipur get the maximum number of surgeries.

Most of these girls come to surgery alone. At the same time, in some cases, parents also operate on their daughter so that their daughter’s marriage does not break up due to virginity.

Where did the virgin surgery trend come from?
Before the British rule, there was the rule of many kings and emperors. It has been a custom in the royal family to marry a virgin girl for centuries. A similar custom has been followed in the royal family of Africa and England. For this reason, girls used to remain virgins in any way before marriage or performed hymnoplasty because of the taboo.

After awareness, these surgeries have now stopped in those families, but in small towns, the trend of surgery has come. Girls undergo hymenoplasty surgery before marriage to become virgins.

Myths and myths about virginity in society
Plastic surgeon Dr. Dipesh Goyal said that the only social mentality behind this is that the hymen is associated with virginity. There is a thin membrane in the vagina of women. which is called the hymen. It’s not just a breakup of having a physical relationship, it doesn’t happen. It is simply a membrane made of tissue.

It breaks while playing, doing hard work, while riding or cycling, even while running. Some blood comes from the rupture of the hymen, but because of the rupture of this membrane in society, the girl is not considered a virgin. Because of this social fear, girls undergo hymen repair surgery to prove themselves holy. Experts believe that it can only be stopped with awareness.

This surgery is unnecessary, but social pressure prevails
Dr. Sunish Goyal said hymenoplasty or hymen repair or virginity surgery is done at least four weeks before marriage, although this surgery is not necessary, it is done compulsively by girls because of traditional thinking.

In this surgery, the hymen is repaired in the vagina of girls. After surgery, the hymen breaks during intercourse, which causes blood to come out. For this reason it is also called ‘Virginity Surgery’.

no surgery guarantee
Dr. Dipesh Goyal said that there is no guarantee of this surgery. Even after surgery, the hymen can break while playing, riding a bicycle, cycling, doing hard work. Just as the hymen breaks without relation. Likewise, it is not necessary for the hymen to break only during intercourse. The hymen can break even sooner while doing hard work. That is why doctors recommend not to do this surgery.

Side effect: The girl went into a coma after the surgery
Dr. Vikas Gupta said that vagina is the most sensitive and delicate part of women’s body. There are many side effects of hymenoplasty. In 2015-16, a single girl came to a hospital in Malviya Nagar for hymenoplasty surgery.

During this, he became allergic to anesthesia. That’s why he went into a coma. After being in a coma for several days, the girl was saved]but had to be hospitalized for a long time.

The surgery started 10 years ago in Jaipur
Plastic surgeon Dr. Dipesh Goyal said that hymenoplasty surgery in Jaipur was started from the year 2011 to 2012. Earlier this surgery was done in big cities like Delhi. Then in Delhi also this surgery was done in only 3 or 4 hospitals.

After that, as people became aware of this surgery, the cases of doing it continuously increased. About 5 or 6 years ago, there used to be only 10 cases in a year, but now 20 to 25 cases have started coming in the wedding season. Today this surgery is done in more than 20 hospitals in Jaipur. Apart from this, the trend of surgery has also started in other cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ajmer.

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