Hindi Diwas 2022: Other languages ​​may be the window to knowledge, but Hindi is the door – Chitra Desai

Hindi Divas 2022: Hindi is moving towards becoming a world language by crossing the level of official language, contact language, mass language. Scientists associated with the field of language development predict that in the near future there will be few languages ​​of international importance worldwide. All efforts are being made to establish Hindi at the international level, but people in the Hindi environment have not given Hindi the place it deserves. Does Hindi resonate in our homes? We talk about the international context of Hindi from big forums, but we don’t take it seriously at home.

There is a strange perception that the English speaker is more knowledgeable and intelligent. Hindi speakers suffer from an inferiority complex. However, the percentage of people who can read, write and understand English is considered to be less than four percent and the mother tongue of these four percent people is not even English. English is its official language.

Now the question arises through which means we can promote Hindi more. Magazines have always made a significant contribution as a means of communication. In today’s era, there has been a lot of trend towards computer and internet. It is not an easy task for a culturally vast country to preserve its cultural heritage. India is a country in the world where, despite the diversity of languages, a social culture has developed over centuries. The biggest contribution in its development is the language of contact. Connecting all the languages ​​of India in Hindi as a contact language, assimilating their words, has worked to unite the entire country in the thread of unity. But these days we see that the use of Hindi has started to decline in our homes. There is a special attraction towards English. It was probably easier to fight the British and send them back, but it is a very difficult task to teach the pride of being an Indian to the English minded people living here.

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There are technical means to teach and improve the language but mother is the most important means to create a trend towards our Hindi language. When we go to someone’s house many times, a small child is immediately asked to attend and recite nursery rhymes. A 3-4 year old immediately starts reciting: ‘Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are?’ This children’s song is recited with full gesture. I always hope that when this child sings, “The fish is the queen of the water, life is its water, put your hand in fear, take it out, it will die.”

You need to get out of the English mentality
When will our mother leave the house of this English mentality? Because first of all the knowledge of the language is done at home. This inferiority complex has not occurred suddenly because its foundations were laid by Lord Macaulay himself in 1835. Macaulay addressed the British Parliament on February 2, 1835. Lord Macaulay understood very well the nature of language and its role in personality formation. He said in his speech before the British Parliament: “I have traveled from one end of India to the other and I have not met a single person who is a thief. In this country I have seen such prosperity, such able people and talent that I don’t think this country can be conquered. Unless we break its cultural and moral backbone. That’s why I propose to change the old education system and culture of India. Because if Indians start thinking that what is foreign and in English is getting better than their conduct, then they will lose respect and culture and become a subordinate nation, which is what we want.

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Macaulay’s educational policy reached not only our schools, universities, but also our homes. Lord Macaulay himself wrote in another letter: “I cannot say that India can remain under us politically, but I will do so much that this country, even after attaining political independence, will have the English mentality, the civilization and the English will. do not be free from the influence of the English language…!

bearer of linguistic culture
How we made Macaulay’s prophecy come true! How long will we continue to demonstrate the reason for Macaulay’s thinking? Why is Hindi neglected in our families? We should be proud that Hindi has a special place among all the languages ​​of the world. It is the third most spoken language in the world. Hindi resonates in many countries. In fact, any language is not only for communication, but also a carrier of culture.

Look what aunt brought?, give aunt water, we are going to grandma’s house during summer vacation, uncle brought us a new toy, etc. The process of making these sentences was not just an exercise in our curriculum, but relationships were practiced in our home through similar discourses. We have now summarized all the addresses in ‘Uncle-Tia’! The addresses of aunt, aunt, aunt, aunt, uncle, etc., spread the fragrance of relationships in our yard. Where are our celebrations in everyday language? In this language we dream. Our aspirations, culture, stories, Teej festivals and relationships sound in Hindi. What can be the translation of Sawan ki Teej? How to play Fagun in English?

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Language is not only used for speaking, but our existence resides in it. We always dream in our own language. How to demolish a building based on Macaulay’s ideas? The then Chief Justice NN Venkatachaliah’s division bench had ruled, “Education of children should be given only in the mother tongue at the elementary stage, because the education given in mother tongue teaches to be proud of culture and traditions”. But despite these decisions, English schools are opened not only in metros but in every city, town and village because parents want to educate their children only in English. Many people have assumed that English is the language of knowledge, jobs and the new world. If we look around us, as much as English dominates and Hindi is being neglected today. This did not happen even during the time of the British. Not only in public and social form, but also in private life. But what is the reason for this? for prestige? Or because of our middle-class belief that only English will make us develop. Globalization is repeatedly referred to, but it is forgotten that globalization has nothing to do with our language, knowledge and culture. This has also happened in other countries, but they made this development in their own language. Many countries like China, Japan, Germany and France etc. they have presented themselves only through their language. Language never becomes an obstacle to development.

Hindi will also grow
As globalization increases, Hindi will also increase. If a German, French or Chinese has to sell their products in India, they will not sell them in their own language. If he wants to reach millions of people, he will only take the help of Hindi. Why did Bill Gates need to make his software in Indian languages ​​too? Why did Rupert Murdoch run his channel in Hindi? Why do foreign mobile phone companies offer Indian languages ​​on their phones? The governments of the United States, China and many other countries are spending millions of dollars on teaching and learning Hindi. The more marketing increases, the more Hindi will progress. The biggest market that Hindi has, perhaps no one else has. We don’t have to tell the new generation that it’s lucky that their command of English has strengthened, but they shouldn’t look down on their language.

Here the greatest responsibility rests with the mother. The mother’s language is considered the child’s language and that is why it is called the mother tongue. But when the mother suffers from an inferiority complex, how can the child remain untouchable? Many women work in large companies. There he only has to speak in English and he takes the same mentality at home. Speak to children only in English. All the schools also insist that the child should speak English, not Hindi. Children whose mothers do not speak English are losing respect for their children. It should be understood that Hindi is not less than any language. We must understand that Hindi is spreading in many countries of the world. She is making her mark. Our feelings shine through our words. If a society is cut off from its language, then it suffers from an inferiority complex. We rip someone’s tongue out, then give them another. Doing so destroys their identity. No society can live in a foreign language. Any society must necessarily live in its own language, otherwise its identity will be thwarted.

If we talk about mass media and Hindi, there are technical media but the biggest medium of language teaching is home and primary school. Other languages ​​may be the window or the light of knowledge but Hindi is the door of the house. Learn English to enter the ‘World Village’, but not as a medium of primary education. If we remain conscious of our Hindi language and culture, perhaps our Indian mind can prevail – the clouds can break and the light of the sunlit language spread….

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