Sanskaarshala: Only the parent holds the key to ending the child’s cell phone addiction

Jagran Correspondent, Dehradun: Where computers, laptops and mobiles have become an important part of today’s need, their excessive use is also proving to be fatal. Especially in children, its addiction and misuse is becoming a cause of problems for parents.

The situation is that parents cannot keep their children away from using it nor do they have enough time to keep them under observation all the time. In this situation, how to manage the time in front of the screen so that the mental and physical development of the child continues to grow and he cannot misuse these resources, is a great challenge.

On this issue, Dr. Veena Krishnan, a noted clinical psychologist at Dainik Jagran’s Patel Nagar office, answered questions from the general public at the Hello Jagran Forum on Saturday. He also gave advice to parents to get rid of their children’s cell phone addiction. He said that only the father has the key to remove the child’s addiction.

  • Question: I have an eight-year-old son. He plays on his mobile most of the time at home. He gets angry when refused and does not eat food. He doesn’t even complete the homework given at school. He has also become irritable for some time now. Shivani, Patelnagar Dehradun
  • answer: Parents got into the habit of looking at the child’s cell phone. So first of all accept that it is your fault. Now it is your responsibility to break this habit. Tell the child lovingly, focus his attention on playing, do homework and walk in the field near home. Parents talk to the child as much as possible. They massage oil on the head while sleeping at night and give information about the damage caused by the mobile phone in a relaxed position.
  • Question: It is said that the habit of looking at the mobile phone for a long time is harmful for children, but if adults also become addicted, it can be harmful for them too. What is the solution for this. Veena Gusain, Vikasnagar
  • answer: Cell phone addiction is harmful to the health of everyone, whether children or adults. The apps that have been put on the mobile have been put by the company to make money from the consumer, so think that this not only hurts you mentally but also financially. Excessive cell phone viewing negatively affects the brain’s ability to command other bodily movements. Instead of watching adults’ cell phones, other activities should be done such as exercising, doing small household chores, working in the garden for a while.
  • Question: I got married about 7 months ago. The woman has the habit of watching TB series most of the time. I got annoyed and disconnected the cable connection so now he is watching the series on mobile. That bothers me. Jagveer Singh, Dehradun
  • Answer: You must maintain cordial behavior with your wife. They will feel bad about being scolded. I have to explain to you that I feel lonely because of your busy time on mobile most of the time. Inspire your wife towards further studies. Give them information on topics like developing new skills so that their attention is inspired to further their career instead of watching serials on mobile.
  • Question: I have a one and a half year old daughter. We made it a habit for him to play by looking at songs on his cell phone, but now he cries and screams for a long time after taking his cell phone out. We get scared and show him songs on the cell phone again. How will my daughter get rid of this habit? Shiv Kumar, Nakraunda, Dehradun
  • answer: You can take your daughter’s cell phone. Let her cry After a day or two, just listen to him sing a song, don’t let him see the cell phone. The parents stand in front of the protagonist and clap along with the song and also make the daughter laugh. Don’t use your cell phone in front of your daughter.
  • Question: In the modern technological era, doing more work on the computer has become the need of the hour. Many young people work with computers between 10 and 12 hours. It will not be harmful to your health. Suman Devi Pandey, Dehradun
  • answer: Computer engineers work on hardware for 14-16 hours. It’s not your addiction. Working professionally with a computer is not bad. But playing gum and downloading movies for hours on your computer and laptop invites mental illness. It is an obstacle to development. There will be no benefit from this. Tension also arises in the family from above.
  • Question: Most of the time my kids watch cartoons on mobile or listen to songs on youtube. After this addiction, he won’t even go out to play. Shobha Ram, Chakrata, Dehradun answer: Don’t scold children. Tell them that excessive viewing of mobile phones causes many diseases, including eye problems. Involve children in sports and cultural activities and give them as much time as possible alone. Try to arouse his curiosity.
  • Question: My daughter is three years old. She looks at her cell phone since she was little. It gets irritated when you scratch it. Kamal Sharma, Tyagi Road
  • answer: Your daughter is very young now. You can control it with a little power. Even if she cries about taking the cell phone, let her cry, it will definitely take two or three days. Involve him in other activities.
  • Question: My daughter is studying in 6th grade. Play on mobile after coming from school. She gets angry when she is scolded. How to get rid of this daughter habit. Rahul Kumar Patelnagar
  • answer: Make a schedule for your daughter. Draw your attention to physical activities. Scolding will not work, it will have a bad effect on his mind. Give him information on topics such as nature, birds and river mountains.
  • Question: How to get rid of cell phone addiction in young children. All children play on their mobile phones between five and seven hours a day. It has become a common thing in every home these days. Dr. Laxman Chauhan, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Nanurkheda
  • answer: If the children are under the age of four, then this addiction can be weaned by force, but if the children are older, the solution can only be found through dialogue. Explain to the children. Set a day for them to see the mobile once a week. But there should be no exam that day. With this, your child can get rid of mobile addiction.

Sanskaarshala: Increased screen time has started affecting children’s mental and physical development

Edited by: Sunil Negi

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