show someone’s photo; They make rounds with others, send them to someone else… Show someone’s photo; They make rounds with others, send them to someone else…

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Bhopal37 minutes agoAuthor: Santosh Singh

spring Age-40 years. Identity: The leader of the gang involved in horse trading and fake marriages in Sagar. Work- From alcohol smuggling to human trafficking. We are mentioning Basanti because the Sagar police recently arrested her. He is currently in prison. There are many ups and downs in his story from the life of the stove to the world of crime.

Basanti’s mother Sharda had married her at an early age to a man twice her age in Haryana. When she escaped from her husband’s clutches, she began to traffic in human beings. Then he started selling girls to get fake marriages. In MP, many gangs are being formed to marry virgins. Fully organized criminals are duping many innocent people out of thousands of rupees.

Yesterday you read the story of girls caught in the clutches of vendors and Basanti, today you know the stories of victims who were duped by fake marriage….

Marrying a young man twice his age ran away…

Sharda had married off her 14-year-old daughter Basanti to a man twice her age in Haryana for money. Basanti stayed there for a few months and ran back to the ocean. After that his second marriage took place, but Basanti’s track did not stop there and this marriage broke up. Basanti’s third marriage is to Jitendra Thakur. Along with this, staying in Karila, he got involved in other criminal activities, including selling liquor. Both were also arrested, but as soon as they were released, they plunged back into the world of the same crime. Meanwhile, he started a new business. He formed a gang to get the fake marriage and started cheating people.

Basanti’s mother Sharda also had two marriages. Basanti has three brothers and three sisters from her first husband. One brother is disabled, the other is mentally weak, while the third brother Dhan Singh joins sister Basanti’s illegal activities. When Basanti’s father died 10 years ago, mother Sharda married a Brahmin in Mandideep. From this marriage he had a girl and two boys. A child died. When the Brahmin came to know the reality of Sharda, he left her. After that all Sharda’s daughters started living with Basanti.

Now the talk of those people who were deceived in the desire of the bride….

Case 1: He gave two lakhs each, ran away after packing the goods in 3 days

Kallu Rajak of Khurai did not marry. Meanwhile, the family got in touch with Dalal Basori Ahirwar. He talked about getting married for two lakh rupees. This time, Basori Lal, talking to Basanti, married his 16-year-old sister to Kallu Rajak. This marriage broke up in three days. Kallu’s family did not like the younger bride. He returned home after packing the jewels and jewels, but did not return again.

A similar story is also of Makhan Ahirwar of Bilhara. She was married to another younger sister of Basanti. He ran away after a week. Once, when the two sisters reached their mother’s house, they did not go back to their in-laws’ house. When the in-laws bid farewell, Basanti threatens to send her to jail for marrying a minor. Sagar police is now looking for Kallu and Makhan. As soon as they are found, preparations are being made to register an FIR on Basanti.

Case 2: I liked someone else, I made the rounds with someone else

Pushpendra Ahirwar of Rahatgarh was married by Basanti to a 15-year-old girl resident of Maihar. Pushpendra’s marriage was arranged by Basanti’s brother Basori Lal through his friends Jeevan Ahirwar and Kumar Ahirwar. It was said that Ahirwar is a poor girl from the society, the marriage cost will have to be borne by one lakh rupees.

When he is ready he came forward with 20 thousand and showed it to two girls named Radhika and Pooja. Pushpendra liked Radhika. When the wedding day came with Pooja and he said that Radhika is not ready. After taking 80 thousand rupees, Pooja and Pushpendra got married at the Dilchori temple in Karila. Pooja stayed at her house for three days. On the fourth day, Basanti brought her mother on the pretext of her illness. He had jewelry, clothes and money with him.

Pushpendra says- Even after repeated efforts, when Basanti was not ready to send Pooja, we complained to the SP office. Basanti then contacted us and told us that Pooja is a minor and will send her to jail for marrying a minor. After that I withdrew the complaint after getting engaged. Now it turns out that Pooja’s name was also fake. I have now filed a fraud case in this case.

Case 3: Find out who married, has had five marriages

Mechanic Laxman Dangi (42) resident of Sarkhadi village, 27 km from Sagar, is the youngest of two brothers. He works in the village to fix TV, radio and other household appliances. There is a maternal grandmother in the village of Mochal. Indraj Singh (runner) from maternal uncle’s village came to her house on February 8 and started discussion about marriage. Indraj said that there is a girl, but she has no parents. The marriage took place, but fed up with the beating of her drunken husband, she left him. The girl stays at her father’s friend Raju’s house. You only need to bear the expenses of the wedding. This will cost Rs 50,000. Seeing that Laxman’s dream of settling down at this age also came true, he agreed by talking to elder brother Prem Singh.

The next day, Sagar made his girl meet him at the Balaji Temple. He got married on February 10 at the Bagraj temple. A person named Raju had joined on behalf of the girl. Dalal Indraj also arrived with Laxman. After marriage bring the girl home. The next day, Laxman took her to Jaisinagar for shopping. Return from there at 7.30 pm. After that he disappeared with jewellery, clothes, mangalsutra, beechia etc.

Laxman says that if the woman was not found, he reported her on 100. A complaint was lodged at the Jaisinagar police station on February 12. The police caught Raju. The girl was found to be Rajni Ahirwar of Chanaua Rahli area. His parents are all. He lives in Bhopal. They have had four to five marriages. He married her as Jyoti Thakur (26).

Case 4: He had 32 marriages, he stayed in each house for a week

Reena alias Sita alias Kajal was arrested by Rajasthan Police.

Reena alias Sita alias Kajal was arrested by Rajasthan Police.

Reena Thakur alias Sita Chaudhary alias Kajal Chaudhary (32) of Jabalpur has duped 31 people through fake marriage at Pipariya of Narmadapuram, then in different districts of Rajasthan. She did not stay at a husband’s house for more than a week. This vicious woman was caught by the Sangwara Police of Dungarpur in Rajasthan with her own handcuffs.

The police laid a trap for Reena, which turned into a challenge. The police turned an officer into a boyfriend and spoke to Reena. Then he pressed him. There was also a runner named Ramesh with Reena. He used to decide the issue of marriage. Reena got married on 12 December 2021 to Prakash Chandra Bhatt from Jodhpur for Rs 5 lakh. After Reena’s escape on the eighth day, when the matter reached the police, this gang was exposed.

Guddi Burman of Jabalpur, who is involved in this gang, is still absconding. There are seven to eight girls in this gang. They all have fake Aadhar cards.

Case 5: Husband and wife became siblings to cheat

Jaiprakash, a resident of Sunwani Khurd in Panna, has also become a victim of a fake marriage. On 11 July 2021, Ravi Dubey, a resident of Ghat Pipariya Damoh, gave Rajni Tiwari’s number from Jabalpur through his broker Pappu Thakur for marriage. When Jayaprakash spoke to Rajni, he sent him pictures of three girls. He liked a girl named Anjali Tiwari.

At the Jabalpur High Court premises, a lawyer got him married by writing an affidavit to his notary public. 18 thousand rupees were spent on it. Then, in the name of jewelery and clothes for Anjali, the gang took one lakh rupees from Jaiprakash and fled. While escaping, the boys got suspicious and caught middleman Rajni Tiwari and informed the police.

After that Lordganj police exposed this gang. During interrogation, it is found that Rajni’s real name is Suman Jain. Vikas Tiwari, who knows Jayaprakash as Rajni’s brother, is her husband Bhanu Jain. Both of them used to change their relationship to set the fake marriage trap.

This gang had also conducted a similar sham marriage in Sagar’s Gadha Kota. Even the real name of the woman who spoke to Jaiprakash as Rajni Tiwari is Jyoti Kushwaha. The leader of this gang is Rekha Sondhia. He was operating a fraud ring under the guise of the marriage office. This gang has deceived many virgins in the same way.

Case 6: Mother of 4 children had 15 marriages

Accused Seema Khan used to get 35 thousand rupees for a marriage.

Accused Seema Khan used to get 35 thousand rupees for a marriage.

Kanta Prasad Nath of Kalapipal (Shajapur) married a woman named Pooja alias Riya in May 2020. After eight days of marriage, the sister-in-law will be operated, saying that she went to her maternal home and never came back . Meanwhile, Kanta Prasad Nath was told by a person from his village who lives in Bhopal that Pooja will marry someone else.

Kanta Prasad Nath was actually married by Hindu Singh, a resident of Bhopal, to Pooja, sister of Dinesh Pandey’s relation. Dinesh had taken 85 thousand rupees for the marriage. They were married in the temple of Sehore. Kanta Prasad spoke to Dinesh after hearing about the second marriage, then he told him that his sister does not want to live with you. He refused to return Dinesh’s jewelery and money. On this he lodged an FIR in the matter.

Investigating this, the Bhopal crime branch unearthed this gang four months ago. He caught 9 people including Pooja. He learns that Pooja’s real name is Seema Khan and that she is a mother of 4 children. In the time of Kovid, he has cheated by making 15 marriages like this. Husband Altaf, a resident of Bakra market, also participated in the gang. He used to get 35 thousand rupees for a marriage. Similarly, women named Seema Patidar, Reena alias Sultana, including gang leader Seema, get married pretending not to be married.

Read tomorrow the story of helpless families whose daughters have been missing for 10 years. It will tell why the police have not been able to find the missing girls until now.

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