The best way to drink milk according to Ayurveda Benefits of milk in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic method of drinking milkMilk is an integral part of our diet. The practice of drinking milk in human society has existed for centuries. Cow’s milk is consumed in most parts of India and camel’s milk is consumed in some parts of Rajasthan. Where people consume buffalo milk, there is a tradition of drinking goat milk.

Why is it necessary for a human to drink milk, what diseases are prevented by its consumption and what are the other benefits of drinking milk, in the same way Dr. Ayurvedacharya Surendra Singh Rajput is answering many questions related to milk. He has been treating people through Ayurveda for the last 41 years.

What diseases are prevented by drinking milk?
Milk is considered a complete diet in Ayurveda. In other words, it eliminates the deficiency of all nutrients in the body. However, this fact completely depends on the animal milk you are consuming. Most of the rules related to milk in Ayurveda are related to the milk of the native cow. Because depending on the species of cow, buffalo, goat and camel, etc. All milk animals, their milk properties are different. That is why what we will talk about here is the milk of the native cow.

  • Regular consumption of milk reduces the risk of suffering from vitamin deficiency diseases in the body. In other words, there is little chance that you will have any vitamin deficiency disease.
  • By consuming milk, calcium is supplied in the required amount to the body and bone related diseases stay away.
  • The body also gets iron from milk. Therefore, most of the blood related disorders also stay away from those who drink milk regularly.
  • There is also no chance of skin related diseases like eczema, psoriasis or other infections. If some other diseases do not grow in the body, then these diseases do not happen to regular milk drinkers.
  • Old age does not dominate the body, because people who drink milk regularly, their body is supplied with the necessary amount of protein, skin cells get enough moisture from milk, so there is no wrinkle problem
  • The body stays fit and slim. Because desi cow’s milk does not allow unnecessary fat to enter the body, nor does this milk contain much fat. So those who consume this milk regularly also stay fit and beautiful.
  • Drinking milk develops immunity. The immunity becomes so strong that no infection or virus can attack the body quickly.

Until what age should you drink milk?

Everyone should drink milk from birth to life. As we have already said that everything we are talking about here is related to milk, it is related to the milk of the indigenous cow. Thus, desi cow’s milk helps in the growth and mental development of the body during childhood. It also prevents diseases related to memory in old age. This is the reason why in the past people lived for over a hundred years but still did not have memory-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Who has trouble drinking milk?

If someone has chronic dysentery or has the effect of dysentery, then they get gas when they drink milk. Those whose digestive system maintains the renin enzyme in sufficient quantity never have any problem drinking milk.

The renin enzyme works to break down the milk inside the body and the lactis enzyme works to digest it. When these two enzymes are produced properly in the body, there is no problem and if there is deficiency of any enzyme, drinking milk causes stomach problems.

What should be given to children who do not drink milk?

However, there is no substitute for milk. But some small children don’t like its taste or there is a problem in drinking milk for some other reason and you can’t even explain anything to a very small child to explain the benefits of drinking milk, then in this situation you can give him honey.. Because in Ayurveda only two foods have the place of the complete diet and these are the first milk and the second honey.

What is the right way to drink milk?

Milk should always be drunk after two hours of food and if you want to eat after drinking milk, keep a gap of about an hour. With this, milk digestion and food digestion will be good and you will also get the maximum benefit from the properties of both.

In which diseases should we not drink milk?

  • Do not drink milk when there are problems related to the liver.
  • Those who have the problem of swelling in the body, should not drink milk.
  • You should not drink milk for periods.
  • Do not drink milk immediately after giving birth
  • Do not drink milk in case of dysentery or loose movement

Who should drink milk?

  • If you don’t have any diseases where milk causes damage, which are mentioned above, everyone should drink milk and drink it at all ages.
  • Milk is necessary for all people who do physical and mental work. Because it keeps the body healthy and helps the brain stay calm and happy.
  • Milk plays an important role in removing physical and mental weakness. Therefore, milk consumption is very important for a healthy life.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article should be taken as suggestions only, not endorsed by ABP News. Before following any treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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