Hola Naidunia: Connect children with sports and arts activities to disconnect from the mobile

Publication date: | Wednesday, September 14, 2022 08:05 (IST)

Hi Naidunia: Indore (Naiduniya Representative). The mobile screen is becoming a big problem. Not just children, but it is having a mental and physical impact on people of all ages. If you also spend hours in front of the mobile screen, you need to change it from now on. For this you need to set the mobile time. Participate in sports and artistic activities. Minimize cell phone use in front of children. Do not tell children that they will be given cell phones to use after doing some work. This has a profound effect on sleep, which affects memory.

These things were shared by Dr. Sandeep Atre, a psychologist and emotional intelligence specialist of the Hello Naiduniya program, in response to questions received by residents on the phone on Tuesday. This time Hello Naiduniya’s topic was the discipline of screen time required for children. Dr. Atre said that too much screen time also causes depression and irritability. It is also coming out in many researches that children spend more time on the mobile screen. Even young children stay on their cell phones for six hours. Sleep deprivation, obesity, delay in social development, difficulty concentrating and hearing. It has a negative effect on eye problems and the nervous system.

Dr. Sandeep Atre answered these questions from readers:

question – My granddaughter is 13 years old. Mobile is used for school studies and coaching. He has become so attached to his cell phone that it is also affecting his behavior. – N Khandelwal, Indore

answer – This is the age when we have to control children’s habits. If it is very important, give only the normal cell phone to talk. His habit has become such that he likes to be alone with his cell phone. Give family members more time to break the habit. If you go for a walk or anywhere, take them with you and ask people to interact with them.

question – My niece uses her cell phone late into the night. This affects sleep and many other things. – Raju Agarwal, Dewas

answer – Children spend more time on mobile phones. This problem has increased after the Corona period. Many children say that they do not sleep because they use their mobile phones, but the truth is that their sleep is affected by their mobile phones. Take some time to explain to the child. Even family members should set a time in the evening, then do not use the cell phone.

question – My 12- and 13-year-old son and daughter use their cell phones for many hours. If you don’t give your cell phone, you get angry. – Aslam Dulawat, Kharsaudkalan

answer – Wean your habit gradually. Keep the kids busy with other things. They say if you’re getting bored, let it go, because boredom creates focus. Mobiles are used by many people for entertainment. Instead, it should be associated with things that arouse curiosity.

question – My son is doing BBA. After coming from university, he spends a lot of time on his mobile phone. It is said that they are studying on mobile. – Anil Kavakale, Indore

answer – If you have come to BBA, it has become necessary to keep the smartphone, but tell them that they want to study or watch a video on YouTube, for that use the laptop or TV instead of the mobile. Staying on the mobile screen for a long time reduces sleep and if we sleep less than prescribed, it affects our memory.

question – The child has acquired the habit of not eating food without looking at the mobile phone. He is only seven years old. How to keep it away from the mobile? – Arvind Kumar, Indore

answer – If he is seven years old, his mobile time should be zero. In other words, you need to keep them completely away from the mobile phone. Family members often tell children to do this work and then use the cell phone. This increases children’s love for mobile. Instead, give them a story to listen to. When we hear a story, we think about it and it gives the brain a good workout.

question – Attempts are made to keep the teenage son away from the cell phone in various ways, but without much effect. – Harshali Salvi, Indore

answer – Mobile has entertainment, games, video chat and many more features, which makes a person more happy. This is the reason why we do not even know and become a habit of the mobile screen. The age of 14 is when children are most active in adopting a habit. In this situation, children should be associated in the field of sports and art.

Children spend six hours in front of the mobile screen According to a study, young people are in front of the screen for about nine hours a day. At the same time, children aged eight to 12 are in front of the screen for around six hours a day. There are many dangerous side effects of excessive smartphone use. Cell phone use causes behavioral problems.

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