In hopes of increasing tourism around Kuno, new resorts and restaurants began to be built. New resorts and restaurants began to be built in hopes of increasing tourism around Kuno

Yogesh Pandey of Kuno National Park3 minutes ago

In Madhya Pradesh, land prices in the surrounding area have started to skyrocket amid the sound of cheetahs being taken to Kuno National Park in Sheopur. At the same time, the prospects of a flourishing tourism and hotel business have also increased in the prospect of increased tourism. Rishiraj Singh, who belonged to the royal family of Palpur, had started the construction of the complex. They are currently building 12 rooms here. They believe that till last year, the price of land here was 1 to 3 lakh bighas, which has now crossed 11.5 lakh. Many of the land buyers are from Rajasthan.

Like Rishiraj, many investors are seeing the future of their business in the African cheetahs around Kuno. They hope that the cheetahs will also bring with them the possibility of tourism. The price of land has increased 5 to 10 times right after the news of the arrival of the cheetahs. Alam is that most of the land beside the lifeless road connecting the Sesaipura gateway to Tiktauli has been or is being treated.

People from Rajasthan are also among those who bought land. They look for the hope of future tourism in the distance of 150 km from Kuno to Ranthambore. They believe that if tourists who come to see Ranthambore tigers get tempting offers from Kuno, they will definitely come here.

Difficult deal, because tribal lands are leased
When Dainik Bhaskar asked about buying land from the villagers here, the villagers said that this is tribal land, whose dealings are restricted. Buyers can get the land, but it will not be registered. The villagers also agreed that land rates have increased due to the movement of cheetahs. How much did you grow? The answers to this question are different. Somewhere 7 lakh and somewhere 11 lakh bigha whereas earlier no one was ready to take this land for 80 thousand to one lakh bigha. When we asked about the amount of land we had face to face, people said that the deal had been done or was happening. Most of the remaining land now belongs to the tribes, which they hold on lease from the government.

In 2 years few tourists came, now hope has increased
Currently, there is only one Kuno Jungle Resort to stay here. There are many preparations for tourists at this resort rented by the tourism department on the banks of the Kuno River. Obviously the rates are the same. Even in Shivpuri and Sheopur district next to Kuno, there are still no such hotels, which may prevent tourists from coming to see the forest. Resort Manager Sudarshan Pathak is making quick work of his resort. The team of doctors who came from South Africa to understand the adaptation of cheetahs stayed at this complex. Pathak says that for the past two years only a few tourists have come, but now the rooms may be less, so some new rooms are being prepared. However, there is pressure on weekends. Even before the arrival of the cheetahs, this complex has also made new land deals to increase its reach. Bharat Singh Gurjar, district member of the same village says, Most of the people now want to open hotels and resorts here. Obviously, young people will have jobs.

The villagers said: “If we sell the land, tell me what you will eat”
The closest town to the National Park is Tiktoli. It also has its front door around here. The people here are unaware of the arrival of the cheetahs. There is neither the glow of the cheetahs in his face, nor any fear. They are busy with their daily jobs. Some youth gathered here, who were trying to pull the BSNL line in the National Park, said they were not happy about it. This will make it more difficult. Our animals will be in greater danger.

However, the elders of the village of Moravan, 6.50 km earlier, gave a mixed reaction. They fear their pets will be taken by cheetahs, but they hope increased tourism will open up jobs for their young children. They say that if the dhabas-hotels are opened, their children will get jobs.

They are not happy with the increase in land charges. They say if you sell the land, what will you eat? They have also been dislodged from their roots by the expansion of this forest in the past.

The culverts are broken, there is a possibility of getting stuck in the car.
Currently, the condition of the access road to Kuno is so bad that in the summer a cloud of dust flies behind the vehicles in such a way that you have to stop the car even if you don’t want to. If you are in a hurry, there is a risk that your vehicle will get stuck in a damaged culvert or bumpy road ahead. Here the administration is trying to fix it immediately. It will be called ostentatious because only 4 culverts are damaged in a 10 km radius in its path. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana engineers are repairing it, but they themselves cannot ensure its safety when heavy vehicles pass through it. Other than that, there is no other accessible way to reach here by road.

No mobile network now a temporary BSNL line has been established
A board in the wasteland outside of Kuno has a land board reserved for the tourist police site, but no one has any answers as to when the police will come here? Until the police come, even tourists will not be sure of safety. The nearest police station here is Sesaipura. Its distance is 8.50 km from Tiktauli gate. There is a full guarantee that the network will not work on the way. Ahead of PM Modi’s arrival, BSNL’s temporary line is being kicked all the way to the park, but when it will be permanent is hard to say for now.

Some villagers angry for bringing animals from abroad
Arvind Sikarwar of Sheopur is not happy with the arrival of these cheetahs. They say that while the government is celebrating the arrival of the cheetahs, tourism is not everything. There are 1.50 lakh cows in Goras village near Karhal between Shivpuri and Sheopur. Nanda Gurjar is the sarpanch here.

Sahariya, India’s oldest tribe, lives here. Apart from Morena, Sheopur, Ashoknagar, Guna, this tribe will not be found anywhere else. These are these tribes, who have no revenue land. The pastoral community is in abundance here. There is also a dry area for a long time. They also survive here because livestock is their main wealth. The government could also make Kuno a cow sanctuary.

The officers also showed a love for foreign plants here
Government officials have also planted acacia hills outside Kuno. It is a plant from Australia. The first demerit of this plant is that it never dries up. Takes out more water than eucalyptus. A fence has been erected from this plant, which is a medicinal forest. There is a preparation for planting the grass here in the Satpura forest. We must also bear in mind the migration of tribes. This is also a matter of concern.

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The prime minister’s stage will be on top of the cage, and these days officers’ vehicles drive in and out every 10 minutes at the gate of Kuno National Park. More than the arrival of the cheetahs, there is a buzz over the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will open the cages of these cheetahs on his birthday on September 17. The question is: is the Prime Minister’s safety not threatened by this fastest running animal in the forest? Yes, there is no danger, because cheetahs never attack humans. CCF Uttam Sharma of Kuno National Park says so far there has been no case in the world of cheetahs attacking humans. Read the full story…

The Prime Minister’s stage will be above the cage.

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