SAF jawan missing for 5 months; The department warned rather than searched. SAF jawan missing for 5 months; The department warned rather than searched

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The SAF line of Guna. SAF constable Vishnu Bhagat’s family lives in a two-room quarters in a duplex built here. Wife and two small children at home. The daughter is studying in the 7th grade and the son in the second grade. Vishnu Bhagat is missing since last 5 months. In April, he had gone to perform service at the Jalpa Devi temple in Rajgarh district. He went to tea on the morning of April 20, but did not return. The woman kept calling, but there was no answer. For the past 5 months, he has been making the rounds of police officers’ offices. The child is still waiting for the father to come. Instead of finding them, the police have notified the family itself. In this notice, you have been ordered to appear. Know the whole story…

Magan Bhagat, wife of late constable Vishnu Bhagat, says that Navratri was happening in the month of April. The husband’s duty was devoted to the Jalpa Mata temple located in Rajgarh district. He returned home from Rajgarh on 18 April. I stayed for a day and then left for Rajgarh again on 19th April. On April 20, around 9 a.m., he spoke on the phone. He said he is now going down to the temple for tea. That was the last thing that happened to him. After a while, he called again. The ringing continued, but the phone did not answer. I thought he would be busy with work, so he doesn’t pick up the phone. The night of April 20 happened somehow. He started calling again on the morning of April 21st. The bell kept ringing, but the call was not being received. At noon the bell stopped ringing. Now the worry was getting worse. When he called the soldiers accompanying him, he said that he too had seen him that morning. He had gone to have tea.

daughter dialect, Please help We

The daughter also got emotional remembering her father. He said he had spoken to his father before April 18. We were getting ready to go to town. As everyone’s father worries, so my father also said to take it easy. Take care everyone. Whatever it is, tell mom. Take care of things. After that I didn’t speak. At school, friends ask you what your father does, where he is, but I can’t say anything. If you ask mom, she doesn’t say anything either. She says duty is gone, but I don’t know where papa is. It seems from the inside where it will be, how it will be, when it will come. The situation is very bad. I never thought I would see such a bad moment.” The girl crying at the end all she can say – “Please help us”.

SAF jawan Vishnu Bhagat is missing.

Department has deliver warning

The missing policeman’s wife says she was tired of giving officers the run around, but so far nothing has been found. Write letters to DGP, CM, even PM. SP Rajgarh is helping but its already five months. In Guna, the department issued three notices. In these notices, you have been asked to appear. Two notices were sent to the village (Chhattisgarh). If he could have taken the warning, he would not have been present. They don’t know anything yet. Where they are, how they are, the department sends notices instead of finding them. Initially, the police silenced us, did not allow anyone to speak. Had it been said only then, it might have been possible for action to have been taken sooner.

children From fees How fill up

Magan Bhagat explains that both the children study in a private school. The daughter’s fee is waived, but the son’s fee has to be paid Rs 4.5 lakh every two months. There is inflation from above. In this situation, it is very difficult for a housewife to own a house. How to manage children’s fees, household expenses. He was the only earning husband in the house. He applied to the department and asked for financial help, but nothing has been received so far. They have PF money, give us some, but that didn’t give them either. If the neighbors do not help, it will be difficult to live. The department did not help one cent. For these reasons people commit suicide again.

There have been two other similar cases in Guna in the past, where nothing has been heard from the missing person. A 17-year-old has been missing from the Aaron area for five years. Similarly, there is also the case of Atmaram Pardi’s disappearance, in which the police are still empty-handed. Nothing is known about both yet. In one case the High Court had to intervene. At the same time, in the second case, the CID has declared a reward. Know these two cases too…

7 years From missing we will pardo

Atmaram Pardi has been missing for 7 years. However, allegations of his abduction and murder have also been made to the police. We report that in the year 2015, the son of Atmaram Pardi, a resident of Khejra village of Dharnavada area of ​​the district. Harilal Pardi had disappeared. His relatives had reported that the people from the police station had taken him with them, but he did not return home. He killed him himself. At that time this subject was very popular. The then SP investigated the matter. After that, IG Gwalior took over the investigation of the case. The CID later investigated. According to the press release issued by the Bhopal Crime Investigation Department in March this year, many efforts were made to find the missing (missing) Atmaram Pardi (25) in a crime from the district police station of Dharnavada Guna, but so far there was No trace of the missing. He could walk ADG, CID Kumar Saurabh has declared a reward to find him. He said that whoever finds him or gives his information, a reward of 20 thousand rupees will be given.

kerosene to pick up it turned out minor missing

In the Aaron area of ​​the district, around 11 am on July 30, 2017, a 17-year-old minor had left home to fetch kerosene from a ration shop. When she had not returned for a long time, her father went out to look for her. When father arrived, the control shop was closed. When they asked the people around, they too had not seen the child. The father made three rounds around the village, but nothing was found of the daughter. The father toured the police station for several days. On the third day, her missing daughter’s request was accepted. On August 3, the father sat in the police station from morning until 8 am, then went to take his application. Even then the police did not register an FIR. An FIR was registered at the Aaron police station on August 9. However, even after that, the police made no effort to trace the minor. Two defendants were subsequently arrested, but they were also released due to lack of evidence. One of the accused even said that he raped and killed the minor and threw him into the pond. In this case also three SITs were formed but the girl could not be traced even after five years.

When justice was not served from anywhere, the girl’s father filed a writ of habeas corpus in the High Court. While hearing the petition, the High Court became strict. From the station in charge to the SP, IG had to personally appear before the court. Only after the court’s stricture, he gave an affidavit to the court last month and gave a road map. In this, police officers were asked to be trained in these cases for an in-depth analysis and on the police attitude. The court was asked to submit the status report after the training by August 29, after which a two-day training was arranged in Gwalior.

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