The 15-year-old hacker who was once banned by the United States, today tries to beat China with the help of this: who is the mafia boy Michael Calce has hacked amazon and many big companies

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Miquel Calce


  • The 2000 round was the turning point for Michael
  • Computers and cell phones are still under US government oversight.
  • Michael changed course

Michael Calce: We never know what will happen in our life. Even ordinary people sometimes do extraordinary things. There are thousands of stories about this personality. There is a person who did such a feat, after which all of America was very surprised. So let’s find out about this person.

The US government had arrested him

Michael Kelsey is a small baby name. It is originally from America. Michael Kelsey created a flutter in the Internet world at the age of 10. After that, the US government imposed many restrictions on this little boy. In other words, understand in easy language that many rights have been taken away from the child. Now the question must come to your mind why the US government did this. We tell you that this child’s mind runs very fast. That’s why the US government arrested this kid.

work for the US government
Everyone in America knows Michael Kelsey. Everyone knows his exploits. Kels now works for the US government. China has always been accused of cyber attacks on its opposing countries. To protect against this cyberattack, today Cals works for many US government intelligence websites. In other words, today the American government is getting help from the same cals that America arrested.

At the age of 6, the computer became a toy
During an interview, Kales had said that he didn’t talk much with his father. My father used to be very worried about it. He bought me a computer and brought it. After that, he became very active in computers, 6-year-old Michael made the computer a toy. Father was also relieved to see this. Don’t worry about calories. Kelsey said she lived with her dad for 2 days at his house and used to spend all day on the computer. At the age of 10 I understood the meaning of internet hacking and at that time I identified with the best hacker in the world.

Mafiaboy sent to prison
At the age of 12, Michael created a website called Mafia Boy. From this website, some small shops around you started hacking the library account. It was the same period when every company was engaged in the business of stealing each other’s data from the Internet. Hackers used to demand a ransom after stealing the data. Michael didn’t do that, he used to steal the data and just take information about it and leave it for a while after doing it properly. The 2000 round was the turning point for Michael. Kelsey has hacked the websites of famous companies all over the world, including America. These include companies such as CNN, Dell, Amazon, Yahoo and eBay. Due to the closure of these companies, there was suddenly an earthquake in the stock market. The companies’ shares fell sharply. Investors were surprised. After that, the effect of the American economy began to show.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared before the world
Michael said in the interview that the government prepared a panel of experts and the then President of America Bill Clinton and the Attorney General Genie Trains went on TV, they called the incident a heinous crime. He said he would arrest the culprit as soon as possible. Cals realized that we had inadvertently committed a crime. The American court convicted him of 50 crimes and sent him to the children’s correctional center.

The judge said in a very strict tone that “You are different from the rest of the criminals but that does not mean that what you have done is not a crime, it cannot be forgiven. That is why you are sentenced to 8 months in prison. After 8 months, Michael completely changed his path. At the same time, the United States government also imposed many restrictions on Michaels. In the eyes of the government, Michael had the ease to run the Internet. He cannot hack any website .He also can’t give information about hacking to anyone?His computer and mobile are still under surveillance by the US government.

economic damages of several billion dollars
Michael did not ask for a ransom in exchange for hacking all these websites, but $1.7 billion in financial damages was achieved for 16 companies. There were many losses in the stock market. Michael said that I was very scared after seeing these incidents. I was only 15 years old, I didn’t know that this law is a crime, a police car came to my house and another one and a little from home I opened the door and realized that now no one can save me That’s why I went no he ran from there. Michael is arrested and his computer is also confiscated.

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