Why do Hindi people want their children to say “hello bye” but never forget to touch their feet?

Just now, when I was thinking of talking to you in connection with Hindi Divas and Hindi, an incident from the last Hindi Diwa came to my mind. My granddaughter studying in a convent school had to write ‘Esse’ on ‘Hindi Day’ and her parents couldn’t help her. Disappointed, she came to me angry with her teacher for writing a “difficult essay”, then annoyed me by explaining that in 1949, two years after independence, on September 14 in the Constituent Assembly, with only a vote it was declared the official language of the country by the majority, so why was it seen more as a reward for its contribution to the freedom struggle than its “victory” and why the happiness of its supporters knew no bounds.

Yes, after telling him that there was no narrow regionalism behind this happiness, because the supporters of Hindi at that time included many other linguists from outside its territorial periphery, he had come to the conclusion that it was all which she was not at all excited about. understanding and wanted his ‘ess’ to be complete as soon as possible. However, his curiosity was that when the “Hindi Divas” were not celebrated on this day until four months after the declaration of Hindi as an official language, what was the need that in 1953 it would have been tendered the Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti of Wardha to celebrate it. and try to get it approved?

Until I told him that at that time this day was needed to promote the promotion and promotion of the official language in those areas of the country, which were beyond his reach and that is why in 1975, on January 10, it was celebrated the first day When the World Hindi Conference was held, World Hindi Day was also celebrated on this day, I was satisfied that in the meantime the roots of Hindi had been cut so badly.

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Lots of irony with Hindi divas

It is as a result of this evil that many ironies have now become associated with Hindi Diwas. Now, in this day, ignoring the enormous upheavals in the linguistic scene of the country and the world, sometimes the ‘forgotten’ Hindi is remembered, sometimes tears are shed for its ‘backwardness’, sometimes philosophy, knowledge -science and thought. Instead, concerns are raised about advertising and becoming the language of the market, sometimes false pledges of devotion to propaganda are held, and sometimes week, fortnight or month in Hindi is held in government offices. Yes, there is talk of increasing the global dominance of Hindi due to the growing association of migrants with their roots due to their tireless efforts when the Apni government was formed. However, while answering the question of whether India is also somewhere in this world of growing Hindi dominance. Many times the empowerment of Hindi is even talked about going further, forgetting that Hindi has also been sent far from many places making this technology an excuse.

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