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Making fun of a woman, doubting her character, abusing her, not allowing her to talk to her relatives, is this not mental cruelty? According to the Bombay Sessions Court, it does not come under the ambit of cruelty. Delivering the verdict in a suicide case, Additional Judge NP Mehta of the Bombay Sessions Court said constant taunts, insults and punishments do not motivate a person to commit suicide.

The case is related to Mumbai itself, where 30-year-old Priyanka Shelar, who worked as a domestic help, committed suicide. In this case, Priyanka’s relatives had accused her husband and mother-in-law of harassing her. If family members are to be believed, Priyanka’s husband Prashant and mother-in-law Vanitha used to harass her. She used to get up at four in the morning and go to work after doing the housework, and then she would do all the housework again. But Prashant and his mother-in-law used to harass Priyanka constantly. Used to make fun of her on her skin, Prashant used to doubt Priyanka’s character, used to abuse her. That’s why Priyanka took her own life after getting fed up.

According to the Bombay High Court judge, the behavior of her husband and mother-in-law with Priyanka was not wrong, that is, Priyanka did not kill herself by getting upset with them, both of them did not push her to commit suicide and both are not responsible for her suicide… Bombay court said in the same case that there is a dispute between mother in law and daughter in law in family matters and it is normal for mother in law to complain that daughter in law has not acted properly .

Now the question arises that what is called mental cruelty, how to define it? If someone is teased, bullied constantly, won’t he be mentally disturbed? Is anyone mentally strong and strong enough to tolerate daily fights? Aren’t these circumstances enough to mentally disturb someone and push them into depression? A woman wakes up at 4 am, does all the household chores and then walks 6 kms daily to go to work outside, is constantly harassed by phone calls and then goes back to work at home. Despite this, she hears the taunts of her husband and mother-in-law, hears the abuse. Is this really that common?

The Sessions Court said that asking Priyanka to do household chores when she returns from outside work is not mental cruelty. But doesn’t a woman have so much right that if no one helps her, at least they shouldn’t take away her mental happiness? Women are as mentally strong as they are emotionally weak. The more capacity they have to tolerate, the sooner they disintegrate.

Priyanka married her lover after four years of relationship with Prashant and gave up on his life after only one month of marriage. So what happened that Priyanka couldn’t stand? It is not just a Priyanka or a Prashant. There are billions and millions of Priyankas within the society who are drowning everyday. He hears taunts about looks, skin, poverty, dowry, work and what not. Depression increases in women. She can’t speak her mind to anyone. They have the responsibility of leading the family, the moral pressure for the marriage to succeed. Busy women face double hardship, they are away in office and do not get relief even after returning home. However, women do not put families second to fulfilling their dreams.

The responsibility of leading the family is the responsibility of both the husband and the wife. But the husband who works outside is more tired than the wife who works outside, he goes back to the office and goes to bed, then the wife takes care of the children in the kitchen. So shouldn’t we consider it mental cruelty? Why should we not feel that husband and wife should share equally in the responsibility of the family? Why is it only women’s responsibility to do housework, why are men ashamed to do housework? Why not share the responsibility of a working woman or a woman who works at home all day?

Depression is continuously increasing in women, and the main reason for this is the attitude of their life partner. There is not much awareness in society about depression, people do not consider it a disease, nor do they think that they need the help of a doctor. In this situation, depression increases so much that a person even tries to hurt himself. The circumstances around us decide what our mental state is. Women suffering from depression are worried about their husband’s wrong behavior. Violence against women, abuse, all this is driving women into depression.

This decision of the court in Priyanka’s suicide case is salt on the wounds of the women victims who are undergoing constant mental torture. I don’t know what the measure of mental torture is for the judge, but I am surprised by his comment because it is like creating a more difficult situation for women. If the court’s decisions are precedents, they should take a sensitive view. It should not be considered so common for women to hear taunts, abuse and assault that a victim can give up his life.

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