Small village Suman gave wings to his dreams like this, earning Rs 1.5 lakh a month sitting at home

It is easy to dream but not easy to fulfill them. It takes patience and hard work to fulfill aspirations. And if this dream is seen by a woman from a small town, a middle-class family, the way to fulfill it becomes even more difficult. Such a woman, who is also a housewife, a wife and also a mother of a small child… But it is said that if spirits are not high, then fate is found. This is the story of Suman from Hisar, Haryana…

Suman, 35, e-commerce platform MeeshoBut a reseller. His company is listed on Meesho as Keshav Fashion Point. He started his business in June 2019. They buy the product in the bulk market from the distributor and then sell it on the e-commerce website. This business is called resale in business parlance. Suman started the business by selling a product. As his business grew, the number of products increased. Today he earns up to 1.5 lakh rupees every month.

How and why did the idea come about?

Suman was working before marriage and for 6 years after marriage. Then their son Keshav was born. When Suman expressed her desire to start something after having a child, her husband Deepak advised that she should try her hand at online business. Suman also wanted to do something where he could give time to his son as well. In this situation, he got the online resale business.

Suman started the business by selling a product. As his business grew, the number of products increased. It currently has a team of 8-10 people. Most of them are girls, who are from the vicinity of Suman’s house. There are also some girls who are students and work part time with Suman.

he understands well the value of studies

Suman is also careful that his studies are not affected. Suman says she understands the value of studies very well. He has completed all his studies while working. That’s why he doesn’t want anyone else to face the struggles he’s had to face in his life.

Daughter and daughter-in-law of Hisar in Hisar

Suman’s maternal uncle and in-laws are in Hisar. Suman belongs to a poor family. His father was ill and Suman is the eldest of four siblings. By the way, he completed his studies in 10th and 12th. But then it became necessary to do a job to continue my studies and support the family. He then started working as a receptionist in a private hospital in Hisar in his first year of graduation. He remained in this job for two and a half years, in addition to continuing his studies. Then, when he enrolled in the MBA, the long shifts at the hospital started getting in the way of studies. So he started doing a desk job at a local newspaper. He was there between 8 and 10 years as a desk manager. Meanwhile, he got married and even after the marriage he continued to work.

MBA in HR Management

Suman’s husband Deepak is an accountant in a company. Suman has done MBA in Human Resource Management. Husband Deepak is Suman’s biggest support system, but she runs her own business. However, in case of any technical problem, Deepak helps them. Suman says that her husband has given her all the support to move forward and she considers herself very lucky in terms of life partner. Suman has a good handle on cash management and hence finds his early works useful in this.

Up to 1000 orders per day

It was easier for Suman to get her business listed on Meesho. As the orders increased, it became difficult for Suman to manage everything on his own. So he thought of forming his own team. Seeing Suman working, some young people around expressed their desire to join him and now he has a team of about 10 people. When Suman started the business, he used to get 4-5 orders a day. Today this figure has reached 1000 daily orders.

She also suffered the pain of her son’s death and miscarriage

Suman’s life is full of ups and downs as well as pain. She had lost two sons before Keshav. After the birth of the first child, he lived only 6 months. After a year and a half, when Suman was about to become a mother again, she suffered a miscarriage. The pain of losing two children can break anyone. The pain was great but after 3 years when she had another son, Keshav, her pain reduced to a great extent. Suman, who had lost two sons, was in no mood to leave Keshav and do a job. She then decided to do some work from home and eventually started a business in her son’s name. Keshav was 3 months old when Suman started her job.

Inspiration for others…

Suman says that when she was not married and was looking for a job, people said that this would make her father rich. His words were positive, less encouraging and more in the form of teasing. After that, when he got married and came to his in-laws’ house, there too in the eyes of some, he had to do his job. Suman worked for 6 consecutive years even after marriage and meanwhile people had understood that no one could dissuade Suman from her decision. Then when he started his own business, everyone’s reaction was he’s going to do it. Suman explains that her husband was always by her side in this whole story and that is why she is standing. Seeing it today, other people in Hisar also get inspired and start their own work. Not only this, people also call it from outside Hisar.

Because of the job, the boy was able to get into a good school

Suman’s son Keshav is currently three and a half years old and has started school. Suman says that thanks to her work, she has been able to get her son into a good school. Suman says she is very happy with her business today and that happiness increases when she sees other people getting inspired. Suman is currently running her business from home. Their house is small and they only spend time in one room. But soon he will get a big house, where he can live comfortably and run a business.