The judicial system must be strengthened.

Uday Umesh Laitish will be sworn in as the 49th Chief Justice of India today. He is the second person to become a Supreme Court judge from an advocate level and later became the Chief Justice. Late Justice SM Sikri was elected as a Judge of the Supreme Bar and later became the Chief Justice.

In August 2017, Justice Latitha participated in the division bench which ruled that triple talaq was illegal for atrocities on Muslim women. Justice Udaya Laithi modified the decision of the Kerala High Court and gave the authority of the administration of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple to the royal Varma family of Travancore. Justice Pushpa Ganediwala’s ‘skin-on-skin’ touch is mandatory in gender-based violence,” Justice Uday Lait set aside the impugned judgment. Not only that, but Justice Uday Lait was also among the judges who were forced to withdraw their recommendation to appoint Pushpa Ganediwala as a regular judge of the Bombay High Court, who gave this decision in stark contrast to Indian civilization and culture.Before being appointed as a Supreme Court judge in 2014, Justice Latitha also represented Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh case.Thus in recent years Uday Lati has been involved in one way or the other in decisions in various fields . He has given objective decisions on many complicated issues very easily. That is why his name is held in high regard in the jurisdiction today. The appointment of this person to the post of Chief Justice is certainly a good thing. No doubt , we can esp It was such excellent work from them in the future as well.

Chief Justice Uday Laithi’s father Umesh Laithi was a retired judge. When Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency in the country, Umesh Lait was serving as an additional judge in the Bombay High Court. At that time, Umesh Lait bravely did the task of getting such innocent people out of jail by giving emergency bail (bail) to whom crimes were presented without any reason. Keeping this in mind, Indira Gandhi did not allow his permanent (regular) appointment to the post of Justice. This is a kind of injustice to the justice who has worked in the interest of the nation. “With the appointment of Chief Justice Uday Lalit, the charitable family working in the interest of the nation is being given a chance, it must be said.

Expect lots of changes!

Today, as the Chief Justice of India, Uday Laithi will take charge of the Indian Judiciary, then there will be many challenges ahead of him. More than 40 million cases are pending in various courts in India. This is a very important reason to give more dates to the impeachment hearing. Indians have also seen extremely personal level cases like the division of family property for generations. In today’s society there is a time constraint in all fields. Even elementary things like education must be completed within the prescribed number of years. You cannot give the same class exam for years. Even in the industrial sector, you cannot devote as much time as you want to a single product. Produced within the stipulated time, only then is it affordable for the producers. The work of government departments and court proceedings, these areas are such that there is no restriction on when they will start and when they will be completed. As the highway widening work continues over the years, just as slum redevelopment becomes an independent avenue of income for generation after generation of politicians, so too it has become the image of court cases. How much time must be decided on a case, in how many hearings must the debate be completed, putting a time limit on it, so that the judiciary feels credible to the common people, to make this process accessible, to avoiding problems and obstructions from lawyers to parties, only the decision The Indian judiciary has many opportunities to make radical changes like giving real justice to the victims.

can expect these changes from the newly elected presidents of justice; Because it was only a few days ago that he had given these signs. “When young children can go to school at 7 in the morning, why can’t judges and lawyers start work at 9 in the morning?”, he raised this question at a hearing in July 2022. ‘ The Supreme Court should start working at 9 in the morning’, he suggested. “When he himself presides, surely only these revolutionaries will be able to take these steps,” he hopes.

We need to speed up the work!

Besides increasing the working time of the court, if the Hon’ble Chief Justice pays attention to increasing the speed and performance of the lawyer and the judge, then it will be a landmark in the Indian judiciary! When it comes to pending cases, then every time the vacant seats of the judges are counted! If the emphasis is on quality in the system directly available, even in the current situation, the number of prosecutions will be under control and the victims will get justice as soon as possible! A mere award of charges should not be seen as a “stock liquidation sale” of other producers. It is as important as removing misery from people’s lives. Therefore, it is now imperative for a new India to make reforms at all levels such as administrative and judicial. Well, there’s a lot to do; But Chief Justice Latitha has a tenure of only 74 days. Seizing each day, they can put the Indian Judiciary in a state of energy, good luck!

In order to increase the fruitfulness of the court’s work, it is necessary to set the limit of passing judgment on the ‘accusations’.

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