A woman may drown in a flood or an earthquake, but she must be kept out of the hands of alien men. The humanitarian crisis affects women and girls more than men because of the patriarchal structure

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  • The humanitarian crisis affects women and girls more than men because of the patriarchal structure

New Delhi25 minutes agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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December 26, 2004 The whole world was immersed in the joy of Christmas. The laughter of the tourists walked along the seashore. Then there was a storm in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Tsunami – in which about 3 thousand people died in a few hours and many times more were left homeless. There were also women among them. Those women of the house, whose life was now going to be worse than death.

‘The evening thunder had come. After leaving the camp, I went to the bushes to defecate when two men caught me. Pressing my mouth, holding my hands and feet, one of them said: the sea is still boiling. Would you rather die in the waves or live after a rape? They wanted my cooperation so that their soul would be restored and I would also survive. This is what I did.

This is the pain of the unnamed woman who has been mentioned by several organizations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Oxfam, after studying the areas affected by the tsunami. The survey found that the majority of women living in relief camps were victims of some form of violence, particularly sexual violence. No one had a home, no food, no medicine.

Many mothers suffer sexual violence in order to raise milk for hungry crying children, many women because it is already dusk and many women because they are alone in broad daylight. A violation occurred. Young girls were bought and sold. Eyes that dreamed of wearing a school uniform and becoming something disappeared from the world as if they had never been a part of it.

‘The Lancet’ in its last issue has talked about how a natural calamity brings a danger to women worse than death. The study, titled Extreme Events and Gender Best Violence, included a total of 41 studies from different countries, ranging from hurricanes to floods, droughts, earthquakes and wildfires.

During this, it was seen that any country, thinking about a natural disaster, only sees how many died, or how many were left homeless. They think about food and work, but no one looks at women.

The woman who loved the house adding straw to straw is now in that camp, which has no door. Where from day to night anyone can come and do any kind of violence. We have not heard of this violence.

There is one more option. He should await death lying in silence amid flood, earthquake, forest fire, and drought. However, she will not stay away from violence here either, because these options were also chosen by her husband-father-brother.

Large parts of Pakistan are currently affected by floods, in which approximately one third of the population was directly affected. Thousands of people are in relief camps. Meanwhile, news comes that the people of a village in Punjab province refused to go to the camp.

Because? Because the men in the village are afraid that their women will come into contact with non-men if they go there. You can see them. He will talk to them. It will also help. In this way the women will not remain pure.

The road that connects the village to the city is submerged in water. The roads are closed. Neither food nor medicine can come, but the men are adamant. Pakistani relief and rescue teams repeatedly warned that living in the village was dangerous at any time as the situation could worsen, but for local men, the women’s “purity” is above all else.

The point to keep in mind is that men decide the meaning of purity. A similar incident came to light from Dubai a few years ago, when a young woman who had come for a picnic on the beach started drowning. The rescue department immediately agreed to jump into the water, when the girl’s father came in protest.

He said that to save his life, foreign men should touch his daughter, it would be better if she died. The daughter drowned while screaming for help. The father was released shortly after his arrest, because he had finally brought a woman under his control.

There have been many incidents. This is the world, where the walls of the house do not collapse in the storm, the honor of the woman falls. The lack of rain affects the purity of the women here more than the container of flour. His fate smokes as much as a tree in a forest fire.

The cycle will continue until women start making their own decisions. When the house is submerged in a flood, they refuse to build a watery grave, but face the ravages of the world openly. Time will change, when women will begin to choose freedom over purity.

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