All Johnson & Johnson baby products should be banned with immediate effect

Who wouldn’t know about Johnson & Johnson Company. At some point or another, some product from this company must have reached your home as well. Especially Johnson & Johnson powder has been used all over the world. Mothers have been using this baby powder with confidence on the delicate skin of young children, not knowing that Johnson’s Baby Powder may be endangering their babies instead of comforting them. Johnson’s baby powder has long been in controversy because of the risk of cancer. Now Maharashtra FDA has canceled its manufacturing license.

In this article, we will know why not only baby powder, but also Johnson & Johnson All baby products should be banned immediately across the country.

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Johnson & Johnson great action against

In fact, the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has canceled the baby powder manufacturing license, taking major action against Johnson & Johnson. It is being said that because Johnson’s powder did not meet the established standards, after which this decision was made.

The Maharashtra FDA stated through a statement that Johnson’s powder can damage the skin of young children. According to the FDA, samples taken from Pune and Nashik of this powder did not meet the quality standards. Following this, the FDA has also issued an exposure notice to the company under the Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1940 and has questioned why its license should not be revoked. Along with this, the FDA has also requested that stocks of Johnson’s baby powder be removed from the market. We report that this action against the company was taken following the report of the Central Drug Laboratory, Kolkata, which said that the powder sample does not conform to the pH standards.

This is not the first time Johnson & Johnson powder has come under suspicion. It has been claimed that harmful asbestos fiber is mixed in Johnson’s baby powder, so there is a risk of cancer, meaning that the powder that women have been using on their innocent child, there will be at risk of cancer. , so imagine how much it is. it’s scary Since 1990, the company has been part of controversies due to this product continuously and faces countless cases.

Not only that, there were many such cases for which the company had to pay the fine. In fact, cancer survivors filed a case against the company claiming that its dust caused them to develop uterine cancer, after which a US court in the state of Missouri fined Johnson & Johnson with 4.7 billion dollars. Thousands of such cases were filed against Johnson & Johnson. It is said that more than 34 thousand cases have been registered against the company worldwide. This is the reason why, in the end, last month, Johnson & Johnson decided to completely close its baby products in 2023. By the way, two years ago, that is, in the same year 2020, the company has stopped selling its powder in the US and Canada.

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A dangerous disease like cancer is scary

Johnson & Johnson has been a giant and very old company in America. For almost 128 years, women around the world have been using this company’s baby powder on their babies. But he is afraid to talk about contracting a dangerous disease like cancer. After hearing this, no woman would want to put her baby’s life in danger by using this Johnson & Johnson product.

By the way, not only baby powder is seen, but other baby products of the company are also under suspicion. Many chemicals have been found in Johnson & Johnson products. Johnson & Johnson makes baby shampoos, from soaps to oils, plus baby powder. But its credibility has also been questioned from time to time.

In 2019, Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo samples failed the quality test. In fact, during this time, the Rajasthan Drug Control Organization had found tampering in two batches of the company’s shampoo. Then there were reports of harmful formaldehyde in shampoo. This element is also believed to be the cause of cancer. However, during this time Johnson & Johnson refused to accept the result of the institution.

Johnson & Johnson products are very popular all over the world and people blindly trust the company’s products. But since many of the company’s products are exposed to harmful ingredients one after the other, in order to protect our children, it becomes necessary to not only associate baby powder with Johnson & Johnson’s children . All products should be banned with immediate effect. and its production should be stopped throughout the country.

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