ASI Sunita finds 75 missing children and leaves the promotion

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a piece of your liver went away for an hour or two without informing you? It breaks your heart! Every day thousands of innocent children disappear in our country. In this situation, people like ASI Sunita Antil of Delhi Police are no less than a messiah.

ASI (Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Police) Sunita Antil, posted at Samaypur Badli police station, through her unparalleled work day and night, has traced not one or two but all 75 missing children and introduced them to their parents. These include minors aged 8 to 16.

Sunita has received an ‘off-duty promotion’ for her dedication to work and for motivating the other police officers. He still follows the path of his duty.

Speaking to The Better India, Sunita said, “Our only aim is to do our duty with utmost dedication.”

Sunita says police work is 24×7, but there are many nights when they don’t sleep at all.

He adds: “Among the missing children was a girl who had left home for the third time. He was not mentally well. There was also some case of rape. We located him at 2 in the morning.”

According to Sunita, “Talking about boys, they mostly ran away from home because of their parents’ scoldings and when talking about girls, they left home after coming in one way or another. The main advantage in these cases comes mainly from the parents. We approached the children by tracking their activities, keeping their mobiles, etc.

Sunita says the parents are very upset over the disappearance of the children. In such a situation, the feeling of finding them and handing them over to the family cannot be described in words.

Who does ASI Sunita consider her role model?

ASI Sunita Antil considers Seema Dhaka as her role model. He says he also solved many cases with Seema Dhaka. Seema also got an “off shift” promotion for tracking down several missing children. Meanwhile, he was taken to the Shahbad Dairy police station; But even now both coexist in these cases.

What was the strategy for locating the missing children?

Sunita said that she took every case very seriously. He didn’t just sit with the help of CCTV footage. He spoke to the parents of the children, took out the call detail records of the mobile phones of the people involved in the case. Mobile surveillance was used to locate the location. He kept his news network. He noticed and followed even the tiniest of clues.

She says: “We wanted the results fast and right. Since this was a matter of children, the delay could have caused damage.” That’s why he was able to track down so many kids.

Has there ever been a risk to life in this work?

Sunita says she always went to work with a team. Apart from that, her pharmacist husband Vikas was also accompanying her late into the night. That’s why there was never a threat to life.
Don’t forget to also mention the support of her husband and mother-in-law in the management of the house.

Inspired by ‘Phool Bane Ember’, ASI Sunita was inducted into the police force

Born on October 12, 1984 in Dulhera village in Haryana’s Jhajjar district, 38-year-old Sunita Antil says she wanted to join the police since childhood. In fact, he had seen the movie ‘Phool Bane Angare’ in his childhood, after which he got the urge to join the police and fight against injustice.

Sunite Antilles

Even Sunita wants her children to be a part of the police department, but with a good rank. The children’s good education is also a priority for them, so that they walk on the right path in their lives.

Whenever he has time, he likes to spend it with his family.

The death of the father in childhood, struggle for subsistence

Sunita Antil said her father had died in childhood. He was only 6 years old at the time. He has no brothers, he has four sisters. The journey of life has not been easy for him.

Those sisters first went to study, then came to work in the fields. Cleaning was the responsibility of a sister. Even the fields were not his; They used to farm by renting the fields of others. Sunita explains that her mother Bala Devi always taught her to live with self-respect and help others. The same sentiment remains in his heart even today.

The journey began with recruitment into the Delhi Police 16 years ago

Sunita explains that she spent 12 just staying in the village. After that he went to Bahadurgarh for graduation. Passed Vaish College B.Com Exam here. After that, he started preparing to join the police force.

Working in the field did not hinder physical access. Thus, 16 years ago today in 2006, he joined the Delhi Police. He was appointed Chief of Police in 2014.

Responsibility for children after marriage, but without compromising the duty

Sunita explains that their marriage took place in Sonipat in the state of Haryana. Now she has the responsibility of caring for two children on her shoulders, but she never compromised her duty.

She believes in the principle of Duty First. She says it is good that more and more girls are joining the police force. Therefore, the tone of the police also remains humane and sensitive.

Editing – Bhavna Srivastava

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