Brahmastra: Confused Story Bridging Myth and Modernity But Amazing VFX – Brahmastra with vfx but fails in story ranbir kapoor alia bhatt movie review box office collection tmovh

Brahmastra is under discussion. The reasons are many. After a long time a Hindi film is doing decent business. Such a movie is also being criticized and many people like it too. There is a movie where great actors playing small roles leave a big impression. Let’s remember Shahrukh, Nagarjuna and Amitabh Bachchan until later. But many times those who starred have gone astray or been deceived. Their love seems dramatic. And the drama stung. The dialogue is Masha Allah…

It starts with Shahrukh Khan and ends, the film seems to be made on a grand scale. With that, there’s hope that if it keeps up, the fun will come too. But later on, expectations are broken and sometimes it seems that you don’t think that something has happened and the film has become something else. There is an atmosphere that cannot be created, even if it is created, it is spoiled very quickly. In many places the story of ‘Ehlok’ goes to ‘Oohlok’. There the magic of Amitabh’s voice and the amazing VFX force the heart to stop. Because in the history of that time, extremism can be exempted. But when the film hits reality and current terrain, it starts to falter. The problem seems to be that the link itself is not working.

The film is based on ‘Brahmastra’ which was obtained by the sages with the strength of tenacity. Things became such that the Brahmastra broke into three pieces. It was believed that if these three pieces came together, then the apocalypse would occur. The Brahmin family was given the responsibility to protect her, they protect her by staying in oblivion, but other powers want to get it anyway. There is passion, there is speed. Their goal is fixed, they are ready to go to any extent to achieve their goal. Mouni Roy has put her life into the negative role. There is danger in his walk, his eyes create fear, his dress and dialogue make him the representative of darkness. Seeing it, I miss the snake, but if the role generates hatred for it, it is not possible, leave a stone unturned.

Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor) has something more in his destiny, finds Isha (Alia Bhatt). At first glance it appears that “something” is happening. After a while, their love starts to grow. Shiva has dreams, he sees the events with his eyes open and closed, but he does not understand who he is, what is the purpose of his life? The fire is inside him but he is looking for light. The story progresses slowly. On the other hand, the news of the suicide of a scientist spreads sensation. Only Shiva knows what will happen next, who are responsible for the scientist’s death, but half the film ends up looking for why this is so. Love, emotions, songs are also interspersed. In this, the children are heavy, their dialogues, their story is heavy.

You can also see the streets of Banaras and the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor. Since then also an exciting journey through the mountains. The film is such that weapons watered with mantras are also used, while bullets are also used. Faster than the car is “speed” movement. Technology has been used a lot in the film, but not much thought has been put into it. Here the forces of evil, the bad people attract more because their mission is clear, but the main clues confuse because they also have to love. You also have to work for a greater purpose. And it’s natural to be confused about where love is. But naturalness sometimes seems childish.

The hero is confused because he is in love. He does not consider the battle of Brahmastra as his battle. Why do you think you put yourself in this dilemma? He fulfilled his responsibility. But the death of his mother hurts him. The absence of a father haunts him to the core, he wants to know who his parents are. He has no one, this is his greatest strength and greatest weakness. He thinks positive, acts positive, is sensitive but sometimes doesn’t fit the character.

Guruji (Amitabh Bachchan) quotes his parents and prepares him for a greater purpose. He manages to convince her that the fire inside her has a meaning and that it will only ignite when she is sustained by the fire of love. And this is Isha i.e. Parvati i.e. Alia Bhatt. The story moves in a bit of flashback, but is believed with suspicion.

The second part of the film has become more cumbersome. It’s fine for those who come to enjoy the visual effects, but for those who like cinema closer to reality, it gets cumbersome. Yes, the kids are having a lot of fun when the mantra is on fire. The mantra is becoming an armor. A talisman is changing the whole personality. The water comes down from the mantras. The kids laugh and you’re left smiling. Sometimes I don’t understand what’s going on.

There is another amazing scene where Agni needs a girlfriend to summon but lighter to initiate, he can’t stop laughing watching her. What to say about the dialogue, somewhere rather mantra, somewhere absolutely tapori-type dialogue. Confirmation of I love you after saying Maine Pyaar Hai in Hindi.

Ranbir Kapoor has played the same role as before. In many places, his eyes have managed to say something more than talk. Looking at Ranbir, he seems to be able to play a funny role but he can’t laugh openly, he can’t cry openly. Her laugh is like smiling a little too much and crying seems unnatural. Somewhere I remember ‘Jawani Deewani’ but that longing is missing, because you couldn’t create the same atmosphere. It kept happening a couple of times. Secondly, Deepika was his girlfriend in the ‘Jawaani Deewani’ era and here Alia was his future wife. If there is a natural difference between the love of a girlfriend and a woman, if understood, this lack will also seem redundant.

Alia has done a decent job but you can’t see the clash between ‘Raazi’, ‘Udta Punjab’, ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ and the recent release ‘Dorlings’. It seems like the story was decided first and then Alia fit the role. That’s why that longing, that yearning, that feeling that she could bring couldn’t come. Still, it can be said to act above average. He has tried to put naturalness in what he has to do. Yes, it has gotten dramatic at times.

The film manages to create emotions, but is only somewhat successful in tying them together. The atmosphere created by VFX is spectacular, memorable but seems far from reality. Shahrukh manages to make his mark in a small role. Watching ‘Nandi Astra’ Nagarjuna seems like he didn’t need to die like that. At the same time, Shahrukh has also made his death memorable. The ending of the film is contrary to what was expected. Because the second part must also come. Ayan Mukerji is expected that the shortcomings left in this film will be removed in the second part. Another memorable character is ‘Dev’, whose strong arms and strong body are shown in the film, that too from the back, has yet to reach the front. Despite being the villain of the second part, the hero looks the same.

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