Case filed against Allahabad University students protesting against fee hike

Students have been agitating for the past few weeks against the four-fold increase in fees at Allahabad University. Now the university administration has filed two FIRs against the protesting students. The students allege that the police are threatening the family members of the students against whom a case has been registered.

Image of Allahabad University students protest against fee hike. (Photo credits: Twitter)

New Delhi: Students have been agitating for the past three weeks at Allahabad University over the four-fold hike. They are also sitting on a fast unto death but the college administration is firm on their decision.

In this episode, on Sunday, two FIRs have been lodged against the students with the police on behalf of the university. In the first FIR, a case has been made against 15 named and 100 unknown students.

According to Amar Ujala, this FIR has been registered based on the complaint of University Proctor Harsh Kumar.

His complaint states that on September 12, some people protested against the increase in fees on the university campus, held processions, raised slogans and blocked the main entrance. Because of this, panic spread due to the creation of an atmosphere of chaos in the entire campus.

At the same time, he has alleged that the students were forcibly called into the movement by abusing and threatening them. He also alleges that this has disrupted traffic and also disrupted classes.

A case has been registered at Colonelganj police station. The in-charge of the police station, Rammohan Rai, says that the investigation into the case has started.

According to NDTV, the second FIR has also been lodged at the Colonelganj police station. This FIR is related to the September 16 incident.

He said that for security reasons, the university administration had locked the gate near the university’s student union building, which was broken by the students’ agitation.

However, even after the FIR, the students have not stopped their protest. The performance still continues.

According to Amar Ujala, the students allege that the police are threatening the families of the students against whom the FIR has been lodged.

The students warned that they would commit suicide if the police did not stop torturing their families.

According to the warning, on Monday, a student tried to burn himself by spraying gasoline. However, according to NDTV, the police caught him. After which there was also a clash between the police and the students. There is a heavy police force deployed in the campus.

Earlier, students have protested in different ways against the university’s decision to increase the fees. On Friday, students gathered in large numbers and took out a torchlight procession through the streets.

At the same time, on August 29, in the first days of the protest, the students had locked the main door of the university campus.

Increase in rates and university arguments

According to News18, BA and BCom fees in the college were earlier Rs 975 and Rs 1,125, which have now been increased to Rs 3,701, Rs 3,901 and Rs 4,151 respectively.

Similarly, the fees for Masters and Masters were Rs 1,375 and 1,961, which have been increased to Rs 4,651-6,001.

At the same time, the BTech fee has been increased from Rs 1,941 to Rs 5,151 and that of LLB from Rs 1,375 to Rs 4,651.

Earlier, a few days ago, defending the fee hike decision, University Vice-Chancellor Sangeeta Srivastava had argued that the fees had to be hiked to save the existence of Allahabad University.

According to Amar Ujala, he had said, ‘There was no rise in dues for 112 years. Charges needed to be increased to pay outstanding electricity bills and other maintenance.

He had said, “If the fee is increased a little, then why so much dissatisfaction? Those who are protesting should realize that institutions providing education at such low rates will be destroyed in the near future.

At the same time, while talking about the reasons behind the fee hike, University Public Relations Officer (PRO) Jaya Kapoor had said that the government has given clear directions to the universities that they will have to reduce their dependence on the government following agreements. funds at their level.

He had said that like other institutions, the government has also cut the funds of Allahabad University and the university’s fees are still lower than many central universities.

According to News18, the PRO says, ‘The central government has reduced the grant to the university and has asked the universities to mobilize their resources. Under him this decision must be made. Despite the increase in fees, the fees here are still very low compared to other nearby colleges and private colleges, so it won’t be much of a burden on students.

Meanwhile, controversy arose over this move against the fee hike in the past when two British High Commission officials met the students protesting against the fee hike during their visit to the university on August 29.

He was on a university tour to motivate students to take part in a competition organized by the British High Committee for Students.

According to the Navbharat Times report, considering his meeting with the students as a violation of protocol, the university had sent its report to the central government.

Opposition parties surrounded the Uttar Pradesh government

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has also targeted the government in support of the Allahabad University student movement against the fee hike.

Sharing pictures of the students’ protest, he wrote, “400 percent fee hike in Allahabad University is yet another anti-youth move by BJP Govt. Children from ordinary families of UP-Bihar come here to study By raising fees, the government will take away a great source of education from these young people.

He has demanded that the government immediately withdraw the decision to increase the fees after listening to the students.

The Samajwadi Party (SP) has also come out in support of the students.

SP MLA Atul Pradhan has talked about raising the issue of students in the assembly.

SP chief Akhilesh Yadav also shared the video of the ‘Chhatra Jan Aakrosh Rally’ held by the students and wrote that the ‘Chhatra Jan Aakrosh March’ held in the college campus is a symbol of the hopelessness of the BJP government.

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