Finding Manu incapable, Deepika moved away from him, but was surprised to meet his wife. Not considering Manu capable, Deepika distanced herself from him, but was surprised to meet his wife.

An hour ago

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I got restless after reading Deepika’s WhatsApp message three days ago. Although I was successful in trying to be comfortable from above, but inside I could not be at peace even for a moment.

After eight years, Deepika was to meet me, that too at my house. With curiosity on my mind, I felt that I could not be comfortable. A strange inferiority complex worries me inside. How many years did it take me to get rid of this inferiority complex that arose eight years ago? And now that feeling reared its head again only with the news of meeting Deepika.

When Deepika sat down on the couch, I could feel my stop as well as my hands coming together to greet her. Let it not take hold of the instability of my mind. I didn’t want to let those feelings show up in front of him, so I started speaking up for myself.

“How are you Deepika?”

“How do you feel?”

I began to look seriously at his face. He already looked very weak. I was a little surprised. The owner of the will, this strong woman should not be weak.

“Are you weak or do I feel like this?”

“Eight years is not a short time!”

He looked into my eyes, then smiled and laughed.

Oh! So this also remembers the number of years. Surely I haven’t completely separated from myself!

Hearing the clinking of teacups, he had guessed that the woman was making tea in the square.

— What did you tell Mita about me?

“She knows, she knows a lot.”

“Can you have something?”

“I have said what was necessary.”

“Even the reason for the breakup of your relationship?”

They cut me from the inside. Where did I break the ties? He himself had drifted away from me, not gradually, but suddenly. Even then I had laid full responsibility on myself to break the ties. At the time, I didn’t find it so unbearable to part with this woman, so much as the breaking of a man inside me.

The matter would have remained just between the two of us, even then it would have been lucky, this breakdown had affected the whole university in many ways. The students who saw me and Deepika envisioning the journey of life together were deeply saddened by the breakup of our relationship.

The long row of trophies placed on the ledge of the head lord’s office suddenly shook. We both had the trust and respect of many people in college. Reaching twenty-seven places this year to win twenty-three trophies!

The director sir called me to his office and asked, “What’s wrong with you Manu, why did Deepika refuse to participate in the contest with you?”

While I could find a suitable answer, it suddenly came out of my mouth: “Exams are in my head, maybe that’s why.”

I myself felt the weakness of my words as I answered. Realizing that the headmaster was also gone, he fell silent with a cold breath.

He explained to me, “Don’t drown your future in the depths of an incident.”

I could not tell them my mind even after much desire. Seeing my full eyes, he patted my shoulder and lovingly explained, “Don’t be so weak.”

Even months before I broke up, he warned me, “Don’t get so attached to that girl that the breakup creates an unbearable situation.”

I felt bad for him at the time, but after drinking the bitterness inside, all I could ask was, “What do you mean, sir?”

“This girl is hungry to endure many things, all this is not possible.”

I understood, NCC commander, best sportsman, football champion and best speaker, despite all this, his hunger was not being satisfied.

Really that day I had escaped from his hands in the lady’s room, suddenly my existence had become like sand. Deepika didn’t even try to make a fist. I was only allowed to leave.

The next day there was a debating competition in the governing college. The lady had invited both of us to the house to listen to the speeches prepared for the debate and make some amendments.

His house was barely ten minutes from the university. He informed us over the phone that he could only come after about two hours. I was busy in an important meeting with the director.

Those moments had melted away so much that they had spread out of our reach and spread around us. A wave like the vibrations of mercury, moving through the kisses, entered all of our bodies. The whole existence of our bodies melted away in those moments. A race for men and women to offer themselves, and suddenly I was left behind in that race.

All that time an invisible fear of the lady’s sudden arrival consumed my mind, and the same fear had settled in my limbs. I couldn’t even work up the courage to look directly at Deepika, encompassing the loose existence she was defeated in that race. His disdainful eyes brought down the inferiority complex that was born within me somewhere deeper in my mind. He left the room without waiting for the lady.

“Has your old pen-playing habit not gone yet?” She smiled and laughed.

I have an old habit. Whenever I feel really broken inside, I start swinging the pen over and over. I don’t know what happened to me! Even acting was not capable of looking normal in front of this woman.

“Probably the question was wrong. There was no need to explain the reason for the breakup of the relationship. She is a woman, she must have only understood the honeymoon.

The fist of his voice had bitten me. The ruckus inside was beginning to increase. Instead of this woman, anger began to well up on the woman.

When Deepika would go to see the play directed by her husband, she would return home after watching the play in silence. What a need he had to call it home! He sensed my nervousness at that moment.

He gently squeezed my hand and said, “Why are you becoming so weak? At least don’t be in front of this woman.”

Mita’s hand has been my support many times. From the first day. Not from the day, but from the first night. Even on that first night, the inferiority complex sitting in the mind was rearing its head. Perhaps long before the wedding, this inferiority complex started to creep into my head. Mita was silent for a few moments, but she didn’t allow the silence to last so long that I was suffocating inside, breaking and breaking.

Slowly taking my hand in his, he asked, “So what happened?”

With the innocence of his voice, I gathered the courage to say something, but the words were lost somewhere in my mouth, my eyes filled with tears.

Covering my head in her arms, Mita rested her lips on my forehead, “Pagle somewhere, what happened then.”

For so many nights, Mita’s voice became my support. After a few days, I began to feel that Deepika’s venomous snake had been wounded within me, the snake that could only inject venom. Mita herself raised the wall of tolerance that had crumbled inside me, raised me brick by brick, making me a perfect man, and raised a man who had piled up against her. Like a perfect man.

Mita came into the room with a tray of tea. I looked at his face for a while. Against her simple make-up, Deepika’s bright make-up faded away. Although Mita is not more beautiful than Deepika, maybe the inner beauty of the woman came to my eyes.

“Why are you two sitting so quietly? In this way, even two strangers do not sit down.

Deepika smiled softly. I remained silent. I couldn’t put a smile on my face. Mita fixed her gaze on my face, as if to say, “Don’t be so weak, at least not in front of this woman.

As I stole my eyes, Mita sat down on the sofa next to me.

“Do you drink less sugar in your tea these days?” Dipika spoke to break the silence, “During my college days, I used to drink very sweet.”

“Still drink a lot, I’ve thrown too little because of you.”

Dipika looked shocked at me first, then at Mita, and then said, “Looks like she told you about me.”

Mita laughed softly. At her innocence, Deepika’s laughter faded again.

“Bring me some more sugar,” I took a sip and put the cup on the table.

Mita slowly picked up the cup and took a sip, then held it in her hand and said, “Look, I put my mouth, the tea became sweeter. Drink now.”

After six to seven years of marriage, these things don’t seem natural. Anyway, Mita is not in the habit of saying such childish things. But he did all this to increase my honor.

When I drank Mita’s tea, she looked at me lovingly and said, “Are you okay now sweetie?”

“Sweeter than right,” I said, holding Mita in my arms.

Seeing Deepika’s spontaneous face, I started waiting inside for another attack from her.

“I used to think that you must have become very weak, but the beauty of your face has increased even more than during your college days.”

“Why weak?” Before he could say anything, Mita asked.

“No, like that! I hear the food is not good in Calcutta, etc.

I understand, Deepika is avoiding the topic.

“For those who dine in hotels, that may be fine to some extent,” Mita answered immediately.

Then, thinking something, he said: “Health does not depend only on the dose, if a person is connected from the inside, its effect is more visible.” There was a sharpness in Mita’s laugh that Deepika couldn’t stand.

“Was there a child or…?” Deepika deliberately posed this question.

“Yes, Shivam is not five years old, he has gone to school. In appearance and qualities, they have completely surpassed them.

This time I looked at Deepika with a sharp eye.

He laughed and turned his face away. Seeing her sad face filled my heart with immense satisfaction.

Now I have no inferiority complex. After years I feel lighter today.

– Pushpa Bhatia

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