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The land of Rajasthan has been famous for its glorious history, but nowadays, the pride of the state is being taken to new heights. With their new thinking and knowledge in the field of technology, they are also making the lives of the public easier. .

Ishivax is one of the emerging companies in the technology sector in Rajasthan, ishivax company was founded by young man Shiv Kumar Degwal who lives in Jaipur. In a very short time, ishivax has earned a good name not only in the country but also abroad, especially in America, with its skills in the technical field. Today ishivax customers are spread all over the world. ishivax also provides its services to Rajasthan Government where it highlights RHB Awas demand survey app and Book My Chowpatty app for campaign with administrative cities.
With the increase in the number of vehicles in the country, the problem of parking has increased a lot, so the public has to face many problems every day and these problems also turn into fights many times. The solution to this problem of citizenship has been given by ishivax, which is called Life Code, which removes problems related to people and brings peace to their lives.
Why is it necessary to put Life Code QR Sticker on vehicles?
The Life Code is your best friend in an emergency. The life code helps you in many kinds of problems, such as if you have parked the vehicle wrongly, the car light is on or the window is open or there is a child locked, the key is left. in it, so that anyone can scan the vehicle’s life code and inform you.

Life Code aims to make life safer for everyone by providing a security solution app that will ensure survival in case of any emergency. Lifecode just wants to make people safer every minute and every day and the Lifecode team is succeeding!
How the Life Code QR Sticker works
If something that saves you time in an emergency can also save a life. To protect yourself and others, you should have a QR code-based emergency card or app in your vehicle at all times.
Life Code is available online and at your nearest dealer, you can buy it directly and fill in the details in the Life Code app and you can generate your own QR code and stick it on your vehicle.
After downloading the app, you need to register by clicking the Register your QR option, and then you need to select the type and enter your vehicle number.
The QR code will have 2 family emergency numbers to contact. In an emergency, this app can be used to scan the QR code so that the relatives of the injured person can be informed and the location of the accident can be shared.
Life Code also offers the ability to call nearby hospitals in seconds.
If you have QR code scanning functionality in your phone camera, this QR code can be scanned with your phone camera. We can also scan it with any other scanner app like paytm app, google lens etc.

How Lifecode is useful for women
This application does not reveal the name; Just provide an alias, this is how we provide security to our female users.
If any of our customers receive calls or messages unnecessarily, they can turn off the call and message option.
How does Lifecode help in the event of an accident?
Many people are victims of accidents every day. In some cases, family and friends are not aware of the patient’s medical history. Lack of a proper medical history can delay treatment, which can lead to complications. QR code scanning app can be used to handle this type of situation and definitely reduce the risk of delays/mishandling.
Basic details can only be accessed if there is an internet connection. Most important information: Your blood type is instantly visible in the app.
In the event of an accident, the life code QR sticker on the vehicle of the injured person can be scanned and their relatives can be informed about the injured person, as well as send the accident site so that the relatives of the injured person can reach the place immediately. Can you
Conversely, the life code also helps to contact the owner of the vehicle if the vehicle is parked incorrectly; It will help others avoid problems.
This app also has other features with which you can get the right help in case of emergency and you can also find nearby services.
For example: – Nearest parking lot, hospital, medical shop, police station, petrol pump, mechanic (for car/bike) and puncture shop.
Why LifeCode is essential for pets.
We also have similar features for pets, if you have a pet, you can add a QR code to their collar. If it will be easier for people to return to you in case your loved one goes missing. QR codes can store basic information such as a pet’s name, eating habits, medical conditions, and owners’ contact information.
Download the app to take advantage of Life Code features. Scanning a QR code is as easy as it should be. Lifecode app is available on Play Store and App Store. Life Code is an easy to use and intelligently designed UI/UX.

LifeCode Safe India Travel:
With the increase in the number of vehicles in the country, traffic accidents and parking problems have also increased. Sometimes the wrong parking of the vehicle takes the form of a fight and these fights become the cause of increased accidents. Keeping this in mind, Life Code has embarked on a journey connecting 29 states of the country to create public awareness. Which started from Jaipur and continues now. Through this trip, Lifecode wants to give a message to citizens that with every vehicle that enters the home, comes a responsibility. This responsibility must be understood by all the citizens of the country, so that there is no problem for their vehicle, as well as in case of a traffic accident any unknown person can also help the victim. To join this Lifecode effort, you can follow and subscribe to Lifecode on Instagram ( and YouTube (lifecode) respectively.

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