Mumbai News: False rumors of child theft in Mumbai wake up parents; the police are watching

Bombay, half day. Mumbai News: There is an uproar in the capital of Maharashtra these days, due to false rumors of child abduction. Complaints of child theft have been received in around 92 police stations in Mumbai. Due to this, the parents of the children are scared by the child abduction messages being rumored on various WhatsApp and Internet media groups. Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Vishwas Nangre Patil has directed all DCPs in the area to deal strictly with all false rumors and a social campaign should be launched with societies to ensure that rumours do not spread

Rumors spread after the sadhus beating incident

Patil pointed out that fake kidnapping messages have gone viral across the city and almost all police stations have received similar complaints and viral messages, but there is no truth in the rumor that there is no gang active in the city We are keeping a close eye on this and I have directed all area DCPs to hold a meeting with the local people and ensure that no rumors are spread. According to the Mumbai police, rumors started spreading in the city after the beating of four sadhus in Sangli district. Four sadhus were beaten by rumors of child theft.

The first rumor spread to Kurla

According to Vinoba Bhave Nagar Police Station Senior Detective Rajeev Chavan, the first incident was reported in Kurla. A residential society here had on September 15 issued an internal circular informing that two children were missing from the society and asking all parents not to let their children play in the premises. Vinova Bhave Nagar police said it was a rumour. We have recorded the statement of the person in charge of the building, he said that he had just heard about it in the Internet media and issued a circular, so that the neighbor of the society can be alerted. I request citizens not to believe in rumours, before circulating these messages, please check with your local police stations that there is no gang active in Mumbai.

Learn how the rumors started

A few days ago, an audio clip along with a message went viral on the internet media, which said that three children were abducted in a van at Malwani Gate No-8 of Kala Vidyalaya School. The audio clip was allegedly made viral by a teacher in the area. In this alleged audio clip, the teacher said that three children were kidnapped in a van outside the art school located at Malavani Gate No-8. Beware of these people.

After this audio clip went viral on the internet media, the people of Malawani also caught a woman walking in the area and she was beaten up by the local people. The local people suspected that the woman belonged to a child kidnapping gang and was roaming around the area to kidnap the child. However, Malwani police confirmed the incident and checked all the CCTV cameras and found that this woman is a beggar and not a breeder or kidnapper. Someone clicked her photo and spread it on the internet media and the messages spreading rumors went viral.

Rumors in Andheri

A 10-year-old boy from Andheri reached his home and told his parents that someone had tried to kidnap him. After that the father of that boy wrote a message saying that my son was outside the house when a man chased him and tried to kidnap my son while biting his hand and managed to escape from them. Be alert Many parents got scared after this message went viral on internet media with Andheri address. For the past two days, the message has gone viral on the internet media that a gang from Andheri was trying to kidnap the boy but failed.

Andheri police station senior inspector Santaji Ghorpade said that these are fake messages spread on the internet media and no such incident has taken place. We checked all possible CCTV cameras in the area and found that the boy was not abducted. We also checked that no one was following him. The boy made up the story and told his parents and his rumors spread. We asked people not to believe these rumours.

Rumors in Vasai

A few days ago a person was caught in Vasai. After disturbing a girl in the area, she was run over. However, one of the residents of the neighborhood took a photograph of him and it went viral on the internet with the claim that he is the boy’s abductor. A message was also circulated on the internet media along with the photo that a child was caught kidnapping and beaten up by people in Vasai area. However, when the police did a reality check, they found it to be a fake message and found that someone had circulated the rumor in the internet media as a fake message.

Rumors in Kurla

h An internal circular of the Kurla residential society reported the disappearance of two children from the building while they were playing in the city on Friday. Vinoba Bhave police station has denied the incident.

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