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How difficult it is to be a girl, from birth to the struggle of life. We and you would make these fights more difficult. Girls who carry the burden of all the rules of life, rules, honor, respect, rites. If any part of a girl is seen by mistake, she lives in shame, she doesn’t know how teasing doesn’t let her live. Then if it’s a case of obscene videos, life will become hell, if it’s someone else’s fault, but the girl will be punished.

Yes, I say all this because it has been a topic in the media and social networks for two days. In the case of taking obscene videos of 60 girl students of Chandigarh University and uploading them on the internet, everyone has been shocked. In this case, another accused, including a hostel student, her friend, has been arrested. In the video that has appeared of the accused student, she confesses to the councilor that she made a video of the students bathing and sent it to her friend. However, the police hastily said without a thorough investigation that the girl had only taken her own video and sent it to the boy, but no video of any student was taken.

Difficulties for girls who study outside the home

I won’t go into the police investigation here, its conclusion. I am concerned about all the students studying away from home including Chandigarh University who have come to study away from home. These girls must have struggled a lot, they must have come this far after struggling with the situation with their families. How many parents would have sent their daughters here after facing what kind of circumstances? How many girls must have come here to fulfill their dreams and someone makes a video of them taking a bath in the hostel. She remains unaware of this and suddenly reveals herself. All the students living in the hostel are in a panic, no one knows in whose hands the video of them taking a bath.

The university management is trying to suppress the matter. Debugging has started. Police also said no video has been taken of any students. But some students have filed complaints that they have received blackmail calls from Canadian numbers. The question is if the videos of the girl students are not made, who is playing the blackmail game.

scared parents

As soon as this matter came to light two days ago, this news spread like wildfire. Parents lost sleep over the students. The university was delisted. Families take their daughters home. As soon as the girls living in the hostel found out that a girl living with them was making videos of students taking a bath and sending them to her friend, they were shocked. After the disclosure of this matter, along with the students, their relatives are also in a state of shock. They are afraid that the video of their daughter was not taken.

What the accused student did is not normal. Maybe it’s a complete racket. Maybe a whole blackmail gang is at work. It is also possible that students will be threatened in the future, forced to do wrong things or extorted money from them. Everything is possible. Such a long journey is not at all easy for girls who have left home to study. Parents also let their daughters out of the house after many struggles.

This matter will make it difficult for the girls. Parents of female students send their daughters outside, struggling with thousands of doubts, doubts and feelings of insecurity. In this situation, there are lines of worry on the face of all the families whose daughters are living outside in cities, in hostels, in PG. What the accused student did does not deserve an apology, because this crime has not only affected the lives of some girls, but has created a new hardship for every girl living outside the homes.

The visible body should not be a cause of shame

But my question is about the society here. From his point of view. The sufferer here is ashamed, the sufferer will live in fear, the sufferer will hide his face. Why after all? When a girl is a victim of rape, our attitude towards her changes. His life becomes a punishment. She is unable to lead a normal life for the rest of her life. No one is willing to marry him. Whereas the rapist begins to have a normal life after a few years.

All the student girls living in the hostel live in a strange panic, and perhaps their panic will remain constant in the times to come. He doesn’t know when someone blackmails him saying that his porn video is with him. The second thing is if a girl is blackmailed by making a video of herself taking a bath, then it will be blackmailed. What is your fault in this?

Why haven’t we as a society, as a family, instilled in girls so much confidence about their bodies that their bodies can’t become a source of shame? The visibility of any part of the body cannot be a matter of life or death. This look is being written about on social media. Women themselves are writing openly that body shaming needs to be removed from the minds of girls. The visibility of any part of the body should be as normal as it is for a child. A girl’s body should not be covered with a cloak of respect. Remove from his shoulder this great honor, the box of respect.

If some obscene video of a girl goes viral or someone steals her video, then no girl should hide her face, no girl should give her life, no family should be openly angry. We need to make our daughters comfortable with their bodies. Let us assure him that even if this ever happens, we are always with him. She will not live a life of any kind of shame. It’s not just about the girls studying in Chandigarh University, it’s about all the girls too. Girls will be body conscious, then they will never be victims of any blackmail. He will not live in fear, he will never become a victim of anyone.

For girls living in hostels, PG or away from home, for their parents, the case of Chandigarh University is intimidating. Anyway, girls who leave home face all kinds of difficulties. She is able to take a step outside the house after meeting the society, family, relatives. In such a situation, such a heinous crime will make it difficult for all the girls. But it is the responsibility of society along with parents to instill confidence, trust in girls, to make them believe that we are with them in every situation. Somewhere she won’t bear the weight of someone else’s mistake, crime, crime. There should be a fair investigation into the Chandigarh University case, no attempt should be made to suppress the matter because it is horrific. Criminals must be severely punished.

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