Now Ara Sadar Hospital came to the rescue

Now Ara Sadar Hospital came to the rescue

Alok Kumar

Aara. Inhuman act was seen in Ara Sadar hospital. It so happened that on September 20 at around 10 o’clock in the day, pregnant Gudiya Devi, a resident of Charpokhari block, Koel village of Bhojpur district, went to the said hospital for delivery. it happened after he was heartbroken.

Gudiya Devi is said to have gone to Ara Sadar Hospital for a safe delivery. During the normal delivery, some problems started and started to increase. During this time health workers also realized that Gudiya Devi needed a lower segment caesarean section (LSCS). ). But as the doctors were busy in their private clinic while on duty, only the paramedics started performing their duties, and in this situation, Gudiya Devi could not be referred to any other hospital.

Thus the LSCS of Gudiya Devi could not be done due to the absence of doctors, so the untimely death of Gudiya Devi was due to the negligence of the doctors and mismanagement of the Ara Sadar Hospital.The family members present at the site said that Gudiya Devi continued. suffer during this time. During the government’s mandate, the bad system of the health department, and the activities of the Lord of the Earth, the doll died during the birth at the altar. After that, the health workers went commit crimes. After the death, the paramedics took the child from the doll to the stomach, left and stuffed the cloth around the genitals, it was nine past eleven.

It is said that a few years after the death of the baby during normal childbirth, the baby’s hand was cut off in an attempt to return it to the undone position, after which the woman was referred. When the woman arrived at Tripolia Hospital after being referred, the baby’s hand was later cut off during LSCS. The doctors there were upset. There was a great uproar at the Tripoli Hospital. The matter reached the written press.

This time the information about the death of a pregnant woman during childbirth due to negligence in Ara Sadar Hospital was given to the local MP Manoj Manzil where famous male leader Shobha Mandal was already present and at the same time Tarari MP Sudama Prasad also arrived. expressed his grief over this incident. Local MLA Manoj Manzil said I also complained to DM and SP from there via message / phone. His relatives have also filed a case at the city police station.

Local MLA Manoj Manzil said that the hospital staff reached the Sadar hospital this morning, took stock of the entire incident from the doctor and held a meeting with the Civil Surgeon, DPM, Director of the hospital, RYA leader Akhilesh Gupta. In the meeting, he said that Janata The hospital should be built on the BJP model. We will not let it work The hospital will become the center of giving life to people, not the dying, I will complain about this whole incident to the Minister of Health.

As soon as the health workers made the delivery on Tuesday evening. During this time she died and the child remained in her stomach. On the other hand, Gudiya’s mother Munni Devi has alleged that the daughter died due to the negligence of the paramedics and paramedics on duty. On the other hand, Dr. Shazia Badar, doctor on duty, said that she had seen the patient. He had a child every year.

This was her third child and her hemoglobin was also seven grams. After that, he was also seen around half past one, after which his relatives were also asked to make arrangements for the blood. But he had no donors. After the patient’s condition became critical, she was referred to PMCH, but at that time the patient was stable, and suddenly she was put in her mouth. She was playing the reference role of the doll Then she died.

Despite this, the patient was being cared for. Meanwhile, this accident happened. In this case, Dr. Arun Kumar, in-charge of Sadar Hospital said that this incident is very sad. I have spoken She is an expert doctor at Sadar Hospital. The patient was seen by him. After seeing him he felt that the patient was very deficient in blood and the boy’s heart was not even beating, then he said that it is not possible for us to take him to Patna. The Deputy Superintendent said that there is no fault of the doctors and medical staff. Where the doctor went again and again and then took him to Patna Higher Center but the family did not take him. That’s why the patient fell.

Meanwhile, the Civil Surgeon as the District Medical Officer of Bhojpur has said that an inquiry will be conducted in this regard.

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