When the daughter is the daughter’s enemy, who should save the daughter?

Nirmal Rani
Many incidents of atrocities, exploitation and oppression of women by men continue to make headlines every day. Women often organize themselves and raise their voices against these crimes and criminals. On these occasions, all the men, young people and students who show solidarity with women and respect their respect and rights are also seen mixing their voices. Because every righteous humanist man also knows that he too is a woman’s son, her brother, husband or father. Women’s commissions have been constituted by the government to address women’s grievances. Police stations for women have been set up in many places.

But this proverb is also very popular in our country that the biggest enemy of a woman is a woman. Obviously, this proverb must have come into vogue because of the domestic disputes that often happen in common Indian families with mother-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law, jethani, etc. It is also true that a woman does not support her child as much as she hopes to have a child from her daughter-in-law. And God does not want that if a woman gives birth to one or two or three daughters continuously, in the eyes of most mothers-in-law, the daughter-in-law will start calling. fall from his sight. This unfortunate thought has ruined so many homes. All the daughters-in-law have had to commit suicide in these circumstances. If we also investigate the crime related to women, in our own society also many women will be found who destroy another woman’s house in the form of bride.

Somewhere women push young girls into prostitution, sometimes women stigmatize society by becoming professional criminals and it is women who carry their babies, especially girls born in garbage dumps and, of sometimes the dogs in the drains. And if a girl with such a perverted and disgusting mentality comes to college or university, she does not hesitate to play with the honor and life of so many girls.

A similarly perverted and criminally minded girl is accused of allegedly committing suicide while bathing in the bathroom of a girls’ hostel of Chandigarh University, a private university located in Ghandua town on the Chandigarh-Ludhiana road, in 24 km from Chandigarh. The video was made in secret of about 60 fellow students. The student is accused of making such objectionable videos and sent them to a young friend of his in Shimla. And allegedly, the boy made some of these objectionable videos go viral across the internet. After this video went viral, college students took to the streets in anger and many girls were reported to have fainted during the protest. “There was a lot of vandalism inside the hostel and the accused girl was arrested from the college itself and another boy along with her friend was arrested from Shimla.

Both the accused are said to be residents of Rohru (Himachal Pradesh). In this incident, there were also unconfirmed and misleading reports of suicide by some of the student victims. But the police and the university administration dismissed the suicide reports as mere rumours. The Punjab Police has constituted a three-member all-women team to investigate the incident. But after this incident, the female students feel insecure and want the college administration to take strict measures for their safety. Angered by the incident, many parents are calling their children from the hostel. The parents say they will return them when the situation improves at the university. On the other hand, after this matter came to light, the university has also been deregistered.

The most important issue to reflect on this issue, apart from administrative and judicial actions, is that leaving the happiness and peace of the family at home, living in the hostel away from their families, these young people who caress the their dreams of a bright future, have been betrayed and betrayed. There is only one student who gambles with his life and his future. Is it a girl and not a boy? Imagine, if a man secretly made videos of girls bathing in the bathroom like this, it would be said that this is the result of men’s “lustful thinking”.

Men are like that, etc. etc. But when only a college student lives among the student girls with such dirty and lousy thinking and not only makes her objectionable videos, but also becomes a participant in making them viral by sending them to her boyfriend, with such a perverted mentality. What can you expect from a girl for the rest of your life? Because of this shameful act of hers, not only the victim girls will have to bear the shame for the rest of their lives, but because of this ‘exploitation’, this student accused of criminal mentality has also polluted her life. He lost faith in women forever. This incident will always affect his own future and character.

However, this shameful incident has once again proved that, in reality, a woman’s greatest enemy is a woman. And at the same time, living in the hostel and studying and writing has raised before the daughters who dream of their bright future that when the daughter becomes the enemy of the daughter, who else will save her?

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