William Makepeace Thackeray’s Birthday, Creation and Life Story – William Makepeace Thackeray: Arrogance and Hypocrisy Exposed

autobiographical writing Most of Thakre’s writings are autobiographical. He portrayed his mother’s separation half a century later as “A Ghat, and River Stair, at Calcutta …”. The sticks in Carterhouse and the other punishments he suffered can be seen in the articles ‘Records’ and ‘The Papers of the Roundabout’. They also appear in ‘Vanity Fair’ … Read more

Special about Hariyali Parv No trees means there is no life on earth

listen to the news listen to the news As soon as the rainy season begins, tree planting festivals are held across the country with the names of Van Mahotsav, Hariyali and Harela according to the language and geographical conditions of the particular region. This is the rainy season when plants get enough water during their … Read more

Monsoon 2022 Feel the Season of Rain with joy – Under the pretext of rain

listen to the news listen to the news We have stopped living the seasons. In homes without a patio, there is no effect of time coming and going. Time has become a button in our lives. When it warmed up, he turned on the button and turned on the fan or AC. When it cooled … Read more

Orhan Pamuk, the red-haired woman, the story of Turkish women in Orhan Pamuk’s novel

listen to the news listen to the news Orhan Pamuk is difficult but interesting to read. We talk about her ‘The Woman with the Red Hair’. Guljahan’s red hair is not red naturally, it has been dyed red on purpose. I first painted it in the living room and then started painting with Hina herself. … Read more