Special about Hariyali Parv No trees means there is no life on earth

listen to the news listen to the news As soon as the rainy season begins, tree planting festivals are held across the country with the names of Van Mahotsav, Hariyali and Harela according to the language and geographical conditions of the particular region. This is the rainy season when plants get enough water during their … Read more

A Master Dedicated to Water Popularly Known as The Man of the Environment – Master Dedicated to Water

listen to the news listen to the news Mohan Chandra Kandpal, the spokesman for chemistry, popularly known as the man of the environment, sows water, cultivates water for 33 years! dedicated to the work of Born in the village of Kande in the district of Almora. His father worked at the National Bank of Punjab, … Read more

Tree-man became a police officer, took on the task of defeating the entire state

The whole world is talking about global warming. Experts give warnings constantly. Many countries are working hard on this. India also raised this issue on the world stage and is working continuously to achieve this on the ground. In the midst of all this, an agent stationed in Chandigarh has emerged as an example. He … Read more

Hong Kong: the fight to prevent pets from being thrown in the trash after death | world | DW

In Hong Kong, getting land is a difficult task and the cost of burying corpses there is very high. In this situation, more than a dozen animal crematoria have been built, where pets are cremated. Kent Look, who runs a dog shelter called Pause Guardian Rescue Shelter, says this option gives pets a compassionate cremation. … Read more