Environmental Guilt: People are afraid of having children because of environmental guilt

(Felix Pinkert, University of Wien and Martin Sticker, Professor of Ethics, University of Bristol) Bristol, 23 September. (The Conversation) The climate ethics debate has sparked debate over whether residents of high-income countries are morally obligated to have fewer children. Because of the long-awaited carbon impact of future population growth, some climate ethicists are advocating for … Read more

decoding chinese xiopolitics trapped in xi thinking vijay gokhale writes

Vijay GokhaleIn 1989, Deng Xiaping devised a new political model to ensure that the power vacuum could never cripple China. The general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) became so powerful that the entire party revolved around him. But its status remained “first among equals” so that the party was never dominated by any … Read more

harbhajan singh helped save bathinda girl who was taken hostage in oman

New Delhi, Sep 7 (PTI) Member of Parliament Harbhajan Singh, who has done many feats to bring India out of trouble on the cricket field, has played a major role in rescuing an Indian girl who was recently taken hostage in Oman. Singh, a brilliant spinner of the Indian cricket team and Rajya Sabha member … Read more

pm Narendra modi vs nitish kumar in 2024 lok sabha chunav opposition unity rahul gandhi latest news

New Delhi: Nitish Kumar, who was once an NDA ally, has opened a vigorous front against the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. Nitish has been attacking the Center continuously since forming the government in Bihar with RJD. Whether it is reducing 50 Lok Sabha seats in 2024 or mobilizing the opposition against Modi, he … Read more

Opposition unity is still far from sompal shastri

New Delhi, Sep 4 (PTI) After the shift in Bihar politics, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his Telangana counterpart K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s meeting is seen as a new beginning of the ‘unity of the opposition’ against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari on issues related to … Read more

Congress is going through a political crisis at the moment, many veteran leaders have left the party in the last few months, there is an election on 17 October for the post of new president, in the meantime Congress’s Bharat Jodi Yatra will be able to something surprising?

New Delhi: The Congress, which ruled the country for 70 years after independence, is now in the background. The party which saw the presence of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi now yearns to come to power at the Centre. Alam is that after Rahul Gandhi leaves office, no new president … Read more

I went to Pakistan to work for the country.. I stayed in jail with Sarabjit, I returned home after 33 years of Kuldeep’s story

Ahmedabad: Kuldeep Yadav has returned home after spending 28 years in a Pakistani prison accused of espionage. He was lodged in the same Kot Lakhpat Jail in Pakistan where Sarabjit Singh was held. He met her every 15 days. After Sarabjit’s murder, the letter also stopped. He is very happy to go home but also … Read more

haq ki baat rights of daughters to parental property as all Indians should learn from Mukesh Ambani

New Delhi : ‘My mother has three sisters and one brother. After Nana died, Nani wrote a will, but my mother doesn’t know what’s in it. Now our uncle does not want to share the property. What can my mother do now? This confusion Sinha, who wrote this problem to ET Wealth and sought advice. … Read more

Father Mukesh Ambani saw the passion of the younger son Anant and gave him the empire of energy business: Dependency energy business is with Anant Ambani for whom Mukesh Ambani said very unique things.

Hindi News the india Dependency energy business is with Anant Ambani for whom Mukesh Ambani said very unique things Curated by Naveen Kumar Pandey , navbharattimes.comUpdated: August 30, 2022 at 5:05 p.m Today, governments around the world are focusing on alternative sources of energy. In India there is also a lot of emphasis on clean … Read more

Why has the election of the president become necessary for Congress? No less differences even after date announced: Why congress president election is necessary for cwc party meeting declared president election date but party leaders not satisfied

New Delhi : Is there democracy in Congress in the real sense? Will there be only one member of the Gandhi family in the post of Congress president? This issue still arises today because questions are being raised within the party about the internal elections in Congress. Many Congress leaders believe that the post of … Read more