Country’s first drone school in Madhya Pradesh, now farmers’ children will also become drone pilots

Two MoUs signed at the convention of custom recruitment centers, training will be done in 30 thousand New agricultural machines are being used in agriculture. Now the name of the drone has also been included in this. The government is making efforts to increase the utility of drones in agriculture. For this reason, a plan … Read more

Farmers will get a subsidy of Rs 1 lakh to buy a tractor

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Plant 5 types of trees in your field, there will be good profits

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Planter Machine 2022: Know the price, uses and features of the machine

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Farmers will be able to identify real and fake seeds in 1 minute

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Launch of Agri Ambulance and Agriculture Drone, farmers will benefit

Every farming facility will be available in Agri Ambulance, know its features and benefits The government is making efforts to increase the income of the farmers. In this direction, central and state governments are providing benefits to farmers at their respective levels through schemes. In this sequence recently Chhattisgarh government has launched Agri Ambulance and … Read more

Mini Power Tiller 2022 – Know the price, uses and features of the machine

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Farmers will benefit from these 10 important schemes of the central government

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Paddy (rice) transplanter will get 50 percent subsidy, apply now

Learn how to get a subsidy on a rice transplanter Many types of schemes are being operated for farmers by central and state government. With this, the benefit of the subsidy is provided to the farmers. These grants are given in different states as per the rules of the state governments there. The main objective … Read more

Powerful Top 10 harvesters for agriculture

Agricultural machine, harvester to increase the profits of farmers There are many types of modern machines available in the market for agricultural work, with which agricultural tasks can be completed in much less time and labor. A special machine among these modern agricultural machines is the harvester. With its help, you can also harvest crops … Read more